Why I Am The Luckiest Girl In The World

There are many reasons that I feel blessed but a major reason is that I have found my soul mate. (I know, I know super cheesy)! But don’t close this window just yet! It is actually true and for this I am extremely fortunate. Here is my sappy soul mate love story…

I know many of you read my blog daily and love to see pictures of the girls and how happy they are. Well, it wasn’t always happy and fun. In fact it was dark and depressing at times, especially because when I got pregnant with Autumn I was just 14 years old and had her when I was just 15. Life was turned upside down and I never had a ‘normal’ life since she was conceived. Autumn and I had been through some very hard times and I was a single mother until when Autumn was just over 2 years old and Craig came along to change our lives for the better.

He fell in love with me. All of me. With my flaws, crazy mind and all. He stuck with our girly drama (lots of girly drama) for 6 months before deciding that he wanted to keep us! We got engaged and I got pregnant again at 18 with our second daughter Kesara. We had Kesara in June of 2008 and then got married the following December.

My life has certainly not been typical or easy and I have done a lot and experienced so much in my 22 short years already. I know many people would look down on me being a young mom, but I know in my heart that I am doing what I should and being a mom to these 2 (soon to be 3) beautiful children is my purpose. I love those girls with all my heart and give them my best every single day.

One thing that I know for sure is that I would never be the person that I am today if it weren’t for Craig. He has been through everything with me, all the eating disorder struggles and crazy years of trying to find my identity after having lost it to teen pregnancy and sacrificing everything for my beautiful children. He has always supported me and encouraged me no matter what. He has seen me and loved me at my worst and my heaviest (237lbs) and has loved me just the same. Over the years he helped me to evolve into a brighter, happier, healthier young woman. That is how I know that he is my soul mate.

And that is why I am the luckiest girl in the world!

6 thoughts on “Why I Am The Luckiest Girl In The World

  1. I really enjoyed your wedding video again. You did such a good job. I especially love watching Autumn dancing so freely. Beautiful. I’m glad you have such a supportive man by your side. It’s wonderful to have that!!


  2. How preciously adorable! I love the video! i had no idea you were so young – you seem so wise and patient for a 22 year old. I also didnt know you were pregnant with a 3rd – wow where have I been? I’m happy you have found your soulmate, isnt it a great feeling?? 🙂


  3. Tiffany, you are such a beautiful person. I love reading your blogs they always make me feel positive and inspired. I love your recipes and the craft activities you do with your kids.
    You have 2 beautiful girls and a lovely husband and you are doing so well. Eating healthy food, enjoying life and being a great Mum. Motherhood is a hard but very rewarding job no matter what your age. I am 35 years old and a Mother to a wonderful little boy aged 2 and a half and a girl aged 1. My husband is lovely and supportive and loves me for who I am. So I can understand how fabulous it is to have met your soulmate.
    Keep writing those blogs they are great and when I’ve had a tough day I read some of your inspirational quotes.
    Have a great day all the way from Australia. xxx Keep on smiling and keep on blogging.


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