A Very Snowy Spring

So far this spring has still been very snowy! We have not seen much of our winter snow melt and the other day we got even more.


When we go out for a walk we still need our jackets, hats and mitts because the north wind can be pretty fierce.


I can’t wait until it doesn’t have to take 20 minutes to get everybody ready to go anywhere. For when it is warm enough to venture outside anytime. To sit under the green trees and read while I watch the girls play. For the beach! OK, now I am just torturing myself!


The other night there was such a beautiful sunset, we all spent some time outside in the evening and I had to grab my camera to take some pictures.



Serafina is now wearing Kesa’s favorite lamby hat. And of course, the girls love to dip their boots in anything that resembles a puddle.


This picture of Autumn with her baby Amber has got to be one of my favorites!


Life is beautiful!


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