Beautiful, Busy Days

Hmmm… what to write? I sit down to this space wondering what exactly to say. These days have been so very busy! I wish that I had more time to sit and reflect and share. It seems like I could write a million pages. Life seems to just keep flying on by and each day there is so much that I want to remember. The days are full. Full of cooking, cleaning, teaching, walking, crafting, reading, bathing, diaper changing, laundry (always laundry) and much enjoyment.


Right after breakfast us girls are always out the door for a walk before the sun gets too hot. I’ve been taking my camera with me a lot these days. Everything is just so beautiful!



Here is Serafina with her bear bum picking dandelions in the yard.



She especially loves to walk by the river now that they ducks are back. One of the reasons I always bring my camera along is to hopefully catch a picture of them. Yesterday I got one.


These ducks are owned by somebody who lives along the river in our town. They keep them inside in the winter, but in the spring, they are always back by the river. There used to be two white ducks (which I caught a picture of years ago), now there is just the one white duck and this year they got a mallard.


Serafina loves to visit the “quackies” everyday.




Lately I have also been really trying to focus a lot of my attention on homeschooling and getting together all of the work that Autumn has done for her third grade school year. She has been so busy finishing up pages of work and I have been by her side every minute. Both of our brains are so tired. I have also been spending a lot of time on pinterest in the morning, pinning so many homeschooling ideas. (If you’d like a link to my personal pinterest for homeschooling ideas and life stuff, send me an email, I’d be happy to swap links with you to share interesting finds). The downside of this whole pinterest thing is that after I spend all morning pinning, I am too drained to actually do any of the things I had planned. Oh well, I am sure I will get to them eventually. I promised myself to do at least one craft thing with the girls each week. So far that is going well. There is also this site for printing doodle art coloring pages that is really fun and keeps kids entertained for hours!


In between homeschooling, trying to keep our home neat and tidy and our bodies well-fueled, I am also trying to find a bit of time to do some exercise. Exercise always helps to make me feel better. Everyday I do yoga or some cardio for myself, even if just for 20 minutes.

When I look at my life, I would have to say that it is very busy! I am also very tired! Blogging is a hobby that I wish I just had more time in the day for. So at the end of a busy day it is always so nice to sit down and have a look at our pictures from the week and put memories or thoughts together.

A hungry, growing little babe. She devours the lasagna recipe like there is no tomorrow!


A girl and her cats.


Rock painting and coloring.




Painting seems to be a bit of an obsession these days.




Playing and sharing.




Autumn also opened up her own ballet school this week in the living room in the afternoons. Kesa is her student. Serafina comes too if she isn’t having a nap.


Here is a video of Autumn’s ballet school.

There are also a few moments when Serafina sits or lays still for a moment (though that is rare for a busy toddler). Here we were laying in the grass together looking up at the trees.



It is always so nice to hear from my readers too! It really means so much to me when someone comments or sends me an email. It makes blogging so much more worth it to know that it is actually helpful to someone or appreciated. Please never hesitate to comment. You really make my day! I have to always approve a comment first because I have been getting a lot of spam comments these days, but I do receive and appreciate each one I get. πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful weekend!


8 thoughts on “Beautiful, Busy Days

  1. Nice pics! I love that Autumn is teaching ballet! As I see your pics I imagine what our life will be like in 2 or 3 years when my two girls will be able to play and interact more together. I’d love to follow you on Pinterest! I pin school ideas as well, and craft, though I need to organize them better on boards. I am trying to organize for Svara’s first grade homeschooling starting in the fall.


    • It is always great to reflect and look upon life with gratitude for those busy days. That is why I always have my camera nearby. Any time there is a moment I want to remember I snap a picture. And I am glad that I do because I think that I would forget so many things otherwise. Have a good weekend Kim! πŸ™‚


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