Awaking To Love


I wish that we could all see how similar we truly are.

To remember that each of us, at our core, is the same.

We all have struggles. We all have fears. We all face darkness.

We are all on our individual journey to uncovering the light and truth that lies within us.

We are all awakening to the age-old, time-eternal memory of who we are.

Once we remember, we will truly know how to love.

For now, the pain remains, as we feel the illusion and deception of separateness.

Unable to truly feel another and to love freely and without judgment.

We wait for the day when we will all find our way and on our journey, may we ever strive to love and to feel another, no matter how far we truly are from our goal.


5 thoughts on “Awaking To Love

  1. I am struggling with the same thoughts right now. How can there be so much violence in the world? Don’t we see what we are doing? And not even on the large scale, but day to day interactions as well. Just striving to smile at others when they pass by me at the store, lending a hand when possible, taking that extra breath to remember not to judge. I love the way you worded this, thank you Tiffany!


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