Serafina’s First Day Of School

Serafina started her first day of Kindergarten on February 15th. It was something completely new for all of us. The night before, I made sure to pack her lunch and have everything ready for the morning.

Serafina is not a morning person at all so we thought it might be rough. She is used to having breakfast with us all too but we had to quickly try and get her to eat something before she left.

She woke up unhappy and whiny and was not impressed when I was trying to brush her hair. We finally got her hair brushed and her outfit on and out the door in a mad scramble to be on time.

At first she seemed upset probably also because she could sense our tension and stress and she cried pretty loudly on the way to and at the school. Also having to see strange people may have been scary for her. I waited a little while with her until she calmed down and then left. When at first she kept trying to leave the room I felt very bad but then she seemed to calm down and like her workers who were talking very nicely to her and keeping her in the class by blocking the doorway. She lay down on the floor and calmed down.

I felt bad after we left because I didn’t know if she thought we weren’t coming back. We’ve never really left her anywhere, much less any place unfamiliar, but they said she had a good day and they have a home journal that they write in for us about her day too.


So far she’s just had two days of school. Yesterday (Monday) was a holiday. For kindergarten she will go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week.

The first day she went and we came home the house was so quiet. I couldn’t get used to it. We’ve always been so used to her noises and even her crying that the quiet was strange.

Craig and I took a walk with Pheonyx and then I cleaned up really well and made Quinoa Burgers for lunch. We ate and it was time to pick her up already. When I got to the school and she saw me at her locker she came walking toward me and it sounded like she was saying, “mum mum.” It was very sweet.


Coming home from school.

As I get more used to her being gone and trust that she’s having a good day, I hope to find time to actually relax and enjoy our little bit of time with a quieter house. I suppose with having a large family we don’t really ever have nothing to do and really any time to actually totally relax but at least I (we) can not have to worry about Serafina getting into anything and having to watch her or get the girls to keep an eye on her when I’m busy with the baby or things like cooking and cleaning. I may get to eat a meal in peace or take a relaxing bath or rest. I’ll have to try and let my brain get used to this yet because the first two days were so out of our norm. I also always felt guilty sending her away while we were all at home, but I hope this is the best thing for her and us too.

I’m so grateful to my mom for taking the time to buy Serafina some clothes and sew her some outfits. She sewed the shirts and pants together to make a onesie outfit with a zipper and button at the back so Serafina can’t try and strip naked. Hopefully the workers at the school will help Serafina learn to keep regular clothes on and to toilet train so that she won’t need onesie outfits anymore, but it may still take some time.

One fun thing about Serafina going to school is the lunch kit and back pack I bought her. It’s a unicorn and the zipper is a rainbow. I’m enjoying packing her nutritious lunches as well. I always love showing love to my family through acts like these. 🙂


Wishing Serafina a fun and fruitful time at school! 🙂


Out for a walk on the weekend. It was so sunny and warm!

Love my baby girl! ❤


2 thoughts on “Serafina’s First Day Of School

  1. I’m so glad school is going well for her! It looks like the school has great communication with you. This made me think of a little boy in my daughter’s class with autism. I believe he’s non-verbal as well. Even though he doesn’t talk to her, my daughter likes playing with him, and they run around together at recess.
    Enjoy your quiet time!

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