Hello From Me

So there has been a lot going on here. And I mean A LOT! I can’t really put too many things into a blog post yet at this time, so you will probably continue to see more deep, inner writing and poetry from me at this time, and/or some silence.

I will update on here soon about the kids and life stuff. Right now school is about to start full-time for Autumn and Serafina, and possibly Kesa too. My baby boy is also about to be one in a little over a week’s time! So there are a lot of big changes happening in life right now! A lot of saying good-bye to the old and moving onto the new. A new chapter, really. A time of transition.

So, this post is just to say, “Hello” from me. I am grateful for all of you out there and miss connecting with you on a more personal level, but I hope that you are enjoying some of the inspired writing being birthed from me during this time of transition.

Feel free to also say, “Hello” in the comments! I would love to hear from you! πŸ™‚

Much Love,


17 thoughts on “Hello From Me

  1. I somehow could not find your blog for so long, then a Facebook memory popped up with a link I had posted to one of your blog posts! Now I have to read a bunch and catch up πŸ™‚ So happy you and your family are well and I look forward to reading about all your adventures. Be well!


  2. Hello, Tiffany Greetings from central Ohio. I am making your carob chip/almond cookies for the first time to take to a meeting. I like soft butter in cookies, so that is the only change I made, to substitute for the oil I had one, & pretty good! Take care, Cynthia


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