Not Such A Baby Anymore

My little baby is not such a baby anymore. Pheonyx turned 18 months on the 9th!

I haven’t kept up with his updates since his 15-month update, so this should be a jog for my memory.

For those who are disinterested, just disregard this post, it is mainly for me to have as a memory to look back on. 🙂

We have transitioned Pheonyx from co-sleeping to sleeping in his crib a few weeks ago, just before turning 18 months. He goes for naps and bedtime very willingly, which was not what I was expecting because with Serafina it was very difficult. I am grateful for this because it makes life so much easier when they cooperate and are willing and even enjoy doing things. He loves to nap with a small stuffy to keep him company and naps.

It has finally been warming up and the kids have been able to go outside more. Pheonyx loves to waddle around trying to walk in his snowsuit in the snow. He doesn’t want to sit anymore in a stroller or the chariot, but just walk and so walks with him are very leisurely.

Pheonyx is saying many words now, the newest are, ‘Autumn’, ‘bath’, ‘mine’, ‘no’, ‘bye’ and ‘help’ and he tries to say outside, which sounds like “ow-tie”.

He loves to eat EVERYTHING! Most of his day he spends looking for food. He loves pizza nights and to eat primavera sauce from a bowl with a spoon. He loves puffed wheat and muffins. He loves Zevia. I could go on and on because he literally loves everything.

This boy is a climber! He isn’t climbing as much as when he was 17 months and super curious but it’s still something he does and is very good at.

Daddy and Kesa have a “Rumble Fest” that they do for fun, which is a wrestling/fighting club of sorts. Pheonyx is a member now of “Rumble Fest” and loves to bang his chest and make grunty, boyish fighting sounds. He throws fake punches and kicks into the air often. Sometimes even at people. He is pretty boyish in that regard, also with throwing his body to the floor and making those same noises, like a real tough guy. He also says “Rumble” often when he wants to rumble. Rumble sounds like “bumbo”.

Pheonyx loves bath time and playing with a cup in the bath to poor water from or catch water with from the tap.

Kesa is his favorite person and best friend.


I feel very blessed to have such a beautiful boy have come into my life. Grateful every day!