Why Live. Learn. Love. Eat.?

I came up for the name Live. Learn. Love. Eat. nearly three years ago when I first began blogging because these were the aspects of life that I believe need to be held in a balance and needed to be given attention in life. These aspects of life are what I feel are most important to living in harmony with ourselves, others and our planet and when we focus on developing these aspects of our lives to their fullest potential is when we can feel most happy, peaceful and alive.

Live. Enjoy every precious moment that you are given. Don’t postpone being happy and enjoying your life for some time in the future. Time is precious and does not slow down. Life is not always easy (and is certainly far from perfect), but there is always so much beauty surrounding us that we are often times blind to. Perspective is huge and cultivating a healthy, positive attitude and holding reverence towards all life is essential for truly living.

Learn. Learn the lessons that life presents to you in everyday situations and learn to see yourself reflected back at you through the people who surround you in your life (especially the difficult ones or the ones you tend to judge negatively). Life is the greatest teacher and nothing happens by accident. There is a spiritual reality behind the material and physical one that we place so much emphasis on. In learning to open our eyes to that, we can learn so much about who we truly are and why we are here.

Love. See the best in yourself and others. Do your best to love and to love freely and unconditionally, expecting nothing in return. For love given as a free gift is the only real and true love.

Eat. Nourish your physical body, the home of your spirit, with the life-giving foods provided by mother nature. Treat your body as sacred and as a home of the divine. Exercise your body regularly and get enough sunshine, sleep and water. Choose foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Most of all, be grateful for the food that you have and practice eating with mindfulness.

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  1. Tiffany,
    I have been searching for wholesome, vegan baking and I was disappointed when all I came across were sugar-filled and processed products- vegan but not very wholesome. Then I found your blog and all my searching has come to an end! I think your blog may be my new lifestyle. I am going to try and make every recipe on your blog! Obviously over a long period of time πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much!!! Happy cooking πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks! I am glad to hear that! I too couldn’t find what I was looking for years ago, so I set to the kitchen to make my own healthy, wholesome recipes. Enjoy! πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Tiffany! I love your approach to life – it’s so positive and inspirational. I also think it’s great that you’re staying home to raise your daughters. It’s a shame that more families don’t have that option these days because I think kids really thrive in that kind of environment. Anyway, I love your blog and I’m impressed that you wrote a book. I’ve wanted to write a book forever, but haven’t accomplished it yet. Celeste:)


  3. What a beautiful and inspiring space you have here πŸ™‚ I love your about page – we share a lot of beliefs and values.

    Thank you for stopping by at mine. It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you and look forward to crossing paths again soon.


  4. HI Tiffany
    I made your carrot & apple bread today and we love it. I was so happy to find your recipes as I find it hard to find tasty vegan baking recipes that do not contain sugar. I can hardly wait to try your other recipes too.

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  5. Hi I just came across your blog that someone on facebook shared. We share lots of the same intentions, it’s nice to meet others with like minds. I look forward to reading your posts and checking out your recipes as I’m always looking for inspiration as we are almost completely plant based and eat at home 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. I laughed when I saw that breakfast is pretty much always oatmeal with different variations, I love our oatmeal, just when I think I’m sick of it, I still enjoy it. We enjoy adding spices like clove & nutmeg, sometimes use molasses, and ginger is also a great add in! It’s nice to have one meal that doesn’t take much thought, is healthy and tasty!


    • Thanks for your comment Amber! I hope you find some recipes you enjoy here too! Molasses, nutmeg and cloves sound great in oatmeal. I will have to give that a try tomorrow morning. πŸ™‚


  6. hey, a friend told me about your blog and ive been hooked since. i do have a question, you call for sesame oil in alot of stuff, would I be able to use coconut oil instead as i live in a small town and its hard to get sesame?


    • Hi Kylie! Thanks for your comment. The sesame oil is for the sesame flavor in the recipes (this is actually only used a handful of times in my recipes, like in a few pasta dishes and stir-frys). You may have meant sunflower oil, which I use a lot in my recipes, especially for baking. You can use coconut oil (or whatever oil you like) in place of sunflower oil where it is called for if you prefer.



  7. Hi Tiffany,

    Just to say I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog this morning – you have a wonderful attitude to food and life and your recipes look delicious! Congratulations on the book, it looks like you’ve worked extremely hard to get to where you are. I look forward to seeing more in future!



  8. I just found your blog this morning. I have been working with your meal plans as I am moving my family over to vegan. So much out there is just….. not great. Too many fillers and not enough real food.
    You are a blessing finding you today!
    Out of curiosity, how much do you spend approximately a week in groceries? I am hoping to bring it down some.
    Thank you!
    Jill Meyer

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    • Thanks so much Jill! I am glad that you have found some recipes that might work for you and your family! We spend quite a bit on groceries, could be up to $200 + a week because I like to buy everything organic. My husband is eating a bit of meat now and has cheese and eggs too and I buy the girls organic cheese, but they still like Silk as their choice of milk and do not like meat. We sometimes get eggs from some friends that are fed with non-GMO feed. You can check out this post that I recently made on how we are all eating nowadays and my thoughts on food and diet. I still like my vegan organic diet best and so I spend a lot on organic greens, organic sprouted grain bread, drinks like Zevia and vitamin water (I drink 2 a day and they are $2.50 each) and baking staples, like flours, maple syrup, etc. This post show some of our favorite non-GMO foods as well. I hope that you find some things you like here! If you feel like leaving a comment when and if you try something, please do! I would love to hear from you! πŸ™‚




  9. I went to a Waldorf school during grade school and loved it. I now teach children who have autism (six children who are 3 to 3 and a half years old). Can I recommend a book to you? It’s called the Verbal Behavior Approach by Mary Lynch Barbara. It’s written for parents teaching their children who have autism in the home. Feel free to contact me any time through email if you want to talk.


  10. Hi Tiffany,

    I have a Facebook page at Vegan, gluten free families with Special Ability Kids, also instagram @autismovercomers. I wanted to tell you that it was very hard deciding to do my own websites. My oldest son was diagnosed with ASD at 3 and it’s been a difficult, but rewarding experience. In 2014, we decided to be gluten free and about 7 months ago, vegan! My son, who was non verbal started to say words. We also do ABA therapy. We give all thanks to God, also! The same doctor who told us that my son couldn’t do much, he won’t be smart , don’t expect much, now says he is doing great! I can’t believe his progress, what are you doing? I realized that although I must accept things, I can also overcome them. I have come to your blog for recipes and tips an I appreciate it! Thanks again!


    • Thank you so much for your comment! I have heard a lot about gluten-free diets being a helpful factor in children with autism who are non-verbal beginning to talk. It is great to hear that it has worked for you! I wonder if someday I will ever hear Serafina speak words again. She had words before, but they went away. I wouldn’t believe it if that did happen someday. I do hope so though.

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        • How soon after going gluten-free did your son start to talk again? Do you think it was this change, or cutting out dairy perhaps that helped him? We are interested in giving gluten-free a go.


          • We went gluten free first on Winter break. Within a month he resumed going to the bathroom by himself and we got an ABA therapist and by February. He started saying hi and bye bye by the first week. Now we have continued therapy and he now says it on a regular basis (on his own). He also has said sorry, mom, dad, no, yes, dog…we got him an ipad (for communication purposes) that has a program, and when a child presses the picture it speaks for them. I was skeptical about this because I’m not a technology fan, but my son gets aggravated having to go get it sometimes that he would speak the words instead, lol! Who knew! Went to the doctor she couldn’t tell me any other advice except to keep doing therapy and keep working with him. Now since you stay at home and teach, I would goggle techniques for speaking and see what happens. I really didn’t believe in the whole “leaky gut” thing, but when I went to get the IEP done. Every teacher had nothing but great things to say about his attention span, his behavior is 150% better (one teacher said) and his meltdowns are few to nonexistent! Our whole family does GF because it’s just easier to not make our son feel different, as we both know America does a good job of putting labels on everyone already!


            • Oh yes, I also changed his body wash and shampoo, which can have gluten…I use Castille soap, jojoba oil and pure vitamin e. My youngest had really bad excema and he hasn’t had a breakout in 3 years. Try taking out gluten , but I suggest you try for at least 6 months because it can take up to 3 months for your body to clean itself out and really get used to a new way of eating….give it a try worse case scenario, nothing changes, best case everything changes. My son didn’t like to be touched, it made him more affectionate too!


  11. Hi Tiffany! My name is Kerry, and I’ve recently kicked off both a Facebook page and a Twitter profile to bring together parents who are homeschooling one or more children on the autism spectrum (like me!) One of the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time is to create a comprehensive blogroll of blogs written by homeschooling moms and/or dads in our shoes. So over the past year I’ve bookmarked a lot of blogs I’ve visited and now I’m touching base with you, the author of one of those!

    The blogroll is on a special tab on my new Facebook page. Would you consider letting me include your blog on that list? If so, do you mind following up with me by email to let me know? kerry.jones@homeschoolersonthespectrum.com

    If you’d rather not be included, I totally understand, but still hope you’ll feel free to hang out with me on my new social networks sometime. Wishing you the absolute BEST this homeschool year!!



  12. I’m excited for your second cookbook and plan to buy one for my sister too! I am a busy working mom and wondering if you can suggest any meals from your 1st cookbook that would freeze well either before or after cooked? I want to make ahead and freeze for busy nights. Thanks!


    • Hi Ginger!

      I apologize for the delay in my response, I’ve been really busy with all the kids. So sorry about that.

      Personally, I don’t often freeze meals. Ive froze the soups, burgers, lentil balls, and perogies. You could also make some pizza dough or if you make those pizza calzones you could freeze those. I have frozen pizza before after I’ve made it too.

      And of course, you can freeze the cookies, granola, muffins and quick breads. Even pancakes. Most of the baking and the breads can be frozen and thawed for later use.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of better help to you! Just because I don’t usually freeze things. I usually just end up making double of a recipe to have on hand in the fridge or if it’s baking, on the counter or in the freezer but not so much with meals.

      I’m happy that you enjoy the recipes! Hopefully the new cookbook will be out soon. By the end of November is what is projected! πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to sell copies for people to give as Christmas gifts!



  13. Dear Tiffany, thank you for your words and thoughts. It is so wonderful to find others with real and spiritual thoughts based on our amazing world. With the advance of science our complex traditional religions have become challenged.
    Thank you, with love,


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