Feeling Grateful

I always like to say that life is a balance of light and dark. Good and bad. Life can’t always be perfect or perfect according to what we want it to be. There are always going to be times that are great and euphoric even and those times will not last. There will always also be times that are depressing and deflating. Of course it’s us in our minds who judge these as good or bad because we truly want to feel more positive than negative but if we can see the lessons in every seemingly negative circumstance or period in our lives, then we are free.

We had a beautiful weekend this weekend. The leaves are finally coming out where we are which has taken quite a while. It seemed like the longest winter ever but now our spring is here, blossoming and budding. It’s amazing to see that green again, a sign that death never lasts and life and rebirth will always triumph. A reminder of the cycles of life.

As a constantly evolving human being, it’s hard to ever know what to do with my writing. My writing changes with me as I grow. My life changes as I age. As each of my children become older, I learn more and I become wiser.

We made a few changes in our life that are pretty big for us. After doing my vegan thing for many years, we moved to a more vegetarian lifestyle in 2016. I still stick to a mostly vegan diet myself, but the main change I made to my diet was to move more toward organic eating.

After publishing my first book in 2013, I realized I wanted to eat more organically. That book is of course still full of wonderful recipes that you can use organic ingredients with. Plus, the meat substitutes and things that I used in a few of the recipes, including tofu are now made non-GMO which is great to hear! My second cookbook, SAVOR, focused more on organic foods and recipes.

My eating has changed a lot over the years and I’m very happy to be eating more organically. I have noticed changes in my body and even reversed my thyroid problem by moving to an all organic lifestyle. Of course I allow for treats once in a while where I don’t eat all organic and avoid GMO’s because this isn’t a perfect world, but I stick mainly to organic foods. Things that have not been genetically modified is what I mean when I say organic. I still buy some things that aren’t labeled organic when it comes to fruits or veggies but I try my best to buy organic whenever possible. This has extended to our soaps and shampoos as well as our toothpaste. I used to do sort of 80-20 when it came to that but now I’m more strict with that and I like to buy everything organic.  Pheonyx has pretty much been an organic baby since the day he was born.

A part of me used to wonder if it really actually made a difference but after having that thyroid problem appear by eating junk and GMO Foods, I realized how important it was to eat organically and naturally. I can’t really say that my hypothyroidism went away completely from the food, I think it included also the yoga I do and the Reiki that I’m doing now as well. I really do believe that Reiki has changed my life and it is a path that I was meant to find by getting this thyroid problem in the first place. It also was a catalyst into the organic lifestyle and really believing in it, as well as pursuing metaphysical answers behind physical conditions and believing in the power of spirit/mind over matter.

Now that we live on a farm with many acres of land, we were able to get our own chickens! It’s a weird thing for me to write about it and it’s something  I never thought would have happened to us, except for many years ago I remember saying to Craig that I wish that we could have our own animals if we were going to eat anything from them. I was against the factory farming and all of that and it seemed the only way out of the cruelty was to go vegan.

Now that we have our own chickens it really has changed my life in many ways. I love those birds and I feel an even deeper connection to animals! Having those chickens makes me really love and appreciate animals even more and if I was ever going to eat meat again I would really have the mind to think about the source of that food.  It’s different from when you watch a documentary seeing animals get slaughtered or even seeing animals on T.V. or in videos. It’s an amazing experience to see a chicken right up close and to imagine that I had once upon a time eaten a lot of them without even knowing anything really about them.  I feel the same about cows too because there’s also cows around us too now. Across the street from us there are many, many cows out every day that we can even get an up-close look at. They are such a beautiful creatures!

We give the chickens food and shelter, water and love and they give us eggs every morning. It reminds me so much of The Little House on the Prairie show that we used to watch so much, where the girls would go and collect the eggs. I love going out and collecting those eggs with the kids. It’s like Easter every morning!

It’s so nice to see Pheonyx loving nature so much as well. All the kids have benefited so much already from us living out here. The quiet, the trees, the grass to run in, the chickens and the dogs. I really believe that this is going to help them and affect them for the rest of their lives in so many positive ways.

We discovered that the chickens absolutely love grass, so Kesa and Pheonyx will take blades of grass and hold them to the chicken wire for the chickens to eat. It is so cute!

I don’t know what else the future really holds for me. I’m very intuitive and I love to dream. I suppose throwing that wish and dream and hope out there so many years ago has attracted this lifestyle to me and this path that I’m on now.

Of course, as we grow as human beings and make changes in our lives, we often see people that we once had things in common with drift apart from us. That can be a sad things sometimes, but we can’t hold ourselves back because of it. We have to learn to grow into who we are meant to be and sometimes that means leaving others behind that we once had connections with. We can’t stay in a limited consciousness or a consciousness that just doesn’t fit for us anymore. It doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, it just means that they’re different and they’re now on different paths where once they walked the same path.

Today had me feeling grateful so I feel like making a gratitude list.

  • I am grateful for our chickens that we got for free from Autumn’s grandparents who own their own farm and have a chicken business.
  • I am grateful for the flowers that Kesa picked for me on Mother’s Day. I’m grateful for the cards and the poems and the time we spent together as a family.
  • I am grateful for the green leaves budding off these birch trees.
  • I’m grateful for our dogs and I’m glad that we got two of them because they absolutely love each other.
  • I am grateful for my husband who helps out so much with the kids and everything else that needs to be done without complaining.
  • I am grateful for living in the country and the fresh air that I get to breathe every day.
  • I am grateful for a warm bed to sleep in at night and a roof over all of my children’s heads.
  • I am grateful for classic books that we delight in reading together and bring so much joy to our souls (Robin Hood is so great).
  • I am grateful for everything that I have ever gone through that has led me to where I am today.

I hope that this post is inspired somebody out there today. Life is always changing and we are always growing and evolving. If you keep up with your own self-development it can be of huge benefit for you. We don’t have to live in a way where we just think things are happening to us from the outside. And even if they are, we can decide that that’s not such a negative thing if we can see that there’s something out there that’s better for us on the other side of our fears or hardships. A lot of the times we’re only just shown these things that are in our way that are sometimes hard to deal with so that we can take a leap of faith and see what is on the other side and/or change our minds about the situation.

I am glad that I have taken the leap of faith to move out here into the country and that Craig and I are working on our marriage even more than ever before. Even though things have been so tough with us having a baby and having Serafina’s challenges, we’ve grown through that so much and in so many ways. I’m grateful that we decided to stick together and do what we knew was right for our family by moving out here even though many people thought we were crazy taking our kids out of school and moving to the middle of nowhere. I’m grateful for fresh beginnings. I’m grateful for the changes that I’ve seen in my health due to the things that I followed my intuition about doing that were scary for me at first and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am grateful for the ability to decide who and what I give my energy to in this life and I’m happy that I know that power.

Sending much love out to you all today! May you always follow the voice of your heart and intuition over the voice of your head and it’s fears.

*I had some beautiful images to go with this post but had trouble with uploading them so they will appear in another post, hopefully soon.