First Post/The Journey Begins Now

50 Steps To a More Peaceful Life

My Life

A Little About Me

Accepting The Darkness/Creating Sunshine

Terry Fox Run In Memory Of Shawn/My Head Shave

Appreciate The Present

Focusing On The Good

Being My Best Self

Glimpses & Gratitude

Idealism Vs. Reality

What, When and How to Eat

Keeping My Head Up

Do You Know Who You Are?

Beyond The Words

Spirituality Is Humanness

War On Selfishness

Never Let Anybody Steal Your Happiness

A Change Has Occurred

Life Lessons I Learned From Running

Smiles Are Contagious

34 Lessons I Learned From Life

What’s Not Wrong?

Who’s Holding You Back?

Return To Love

What You Resist, Persists

Leave It On The Mat

Get In The Habit

Follow Your Heart

Do What Is Right

Who Am I?

What I Believe

There is a Time for Everything

Tips For Health and Wellness

8 Tips For Mindful Eating

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

This Is Your Life!

If Not Now, When?

Put On Positivity; Meditation, Gratitude and Affirmations

Get Excited About Life!

You Are Awesome!

Words of Wisdom Wednesday; Slow Down

Beauty, Truth and Originality

Feeling Down? Do This!

Decide To Be Happy

Words Of Wisdom Wednesday; Watch Your Thoughts

Could We Be More Like This?

Words Of Wisdom Wednesday; Perfection Is Overrated

No Mistakes

24 Precious Hours

You Are Not Empty!

Food For Thought

Life’s Lessons

Just For Today

Live Your Truth

Back On Track

A Little Reminder

Thin Does Not Equal Happy

Recipe For A Happy And Healthy Life

Go With The Flow

15 Reasons Why I Love My Body

Exercise and Weight Loss

Don’t Waste Your Life

The Subtle Traps We Fall In


Living and Learning


What Do You Value?

Being Me

Who’s Holding You Back?

If At First You Don’t Succeed

What Healthy Means to Me

You Can Do Anything! My Journey To How I Wrote And Self-Published My Cookbook

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