Never Let Anybody Steal Your Happiness

So I am completely human and right now I feel like writing a completely human post. It may not be all positive and happy, but it is what’s going on in life right now and what is on my mind.

Life is hard! I, as much as anyone have moments of darkness and feeling of inadequacy or fear of other people’s judgements on me. It is hard not to get pulled down into the pit when negative people are trying to drag you down with them. It doesn’t happen very often that people do come along and be nasty, but when it does happen, it is hard for me to get back up again and continue to see the good and share love and light with others. It takes a whole lot of positivity to counteract the negativity. A whole lot of love and light to disperse the darkness. This whole past month has been pretty off for me. I normally am better able to pick myself up and keep on living my truth and doing what makes me happy, but I have noticed that I am not as good at letting things go as I used to be when I was younger. Lately, I find myself really questioning myself and over-analyzing everything, driving myself crazy.

I think one of the reasons that this mood has been lingering for so long for me now is that I have not been facing my lesson in this and seeing the gift that it has to bring me; the gift of rising above what others may think or say and instead coming into the realization that I truly enjoy my life and the way I am living and I know that what I am doing right now is right for me. I have always had issues with self-confidence and although I have come a super long way from what I was, I do still have quite a ways to go before I could call myself a confident person.

That is why I need this blog. Writing and processing my thoughts and feelings and reflecting on the beauty in life always helps me to find my center again and feel at peace. I also am so very thankful for all of the friends that I have made through my blog who are really the reason why I have made it so far already. Without your encouragement and the fact that you resonate so deeply with my life and my passions and always forgive and accept my humanness, I wouldn’t be who I am today and wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about sharing goodness and kindness with the world. I love how we help each other learn and grow.

So the lesson that I wanted to share from this life experience of mine, this time of growing, is that you should never let anybody steal your happiness. Never let anybody try and take away your satisfaction with your life and your enjoyment of it. Never let anyone keep you from seeing and sharing goodness with the world. Never let the sting of another person’s hurtful words or actions wound you so deeply that you feel crippled and unable to forgive and forget them. That really is what we do, we allow others to bring us down. Nobody actually has the power to kill our joy and creativity and stamp out our goodness unless we let them. And that is the lesson that I have avoided really facing all this time.

Today I take back my power and decide that, although it may be difficult and although the sting of words is painful, I press on and let go of the hurt that was done to me, I stand confident in who I am at this moment and choose to see the light amongst this darkness. I choose to continue to be myself and allow my light to shine in my unique way unto the world.

I encourage you always to be strong and to choose the same.

Much Love,


11 thoughts on “Never Let Anybody Steal Your Happiness

  1. What a brave person you are. Those words can be easy to say yet difficult to do. I had a lovely group of home schooling friends and our children were always together. They gradually ostracized us and I was so hurt, angry and confused. Those feelings ruled my heart and head for a very long time. I have a beautiful friend who encouraged me to move on and forgive and we have talked a lot about this as she had similar issues with the same group of people. You remind me a lot of this special friend… that is probably one of the reasons I like you and your blog.
    I appreciate your encouragement and positiveness in a world that can be difficult and trying at times. Thank you for helping us while you help yourself. Lots of love!!!


  2. Tiffany,
    I have found over the past few years that it is in the times of questioning, of dissatisfaction, and lack of confidence, that I come out the other side a little different, having grown and matured a little more, with more compassion and understanding. I think it will be the same for you, and I encourage you to give yourself a lot of grace right now. I think you’ll look back and find that this was a very important time.

    Much love,


  3. Hello Tiffany I too have trouble dealing with the harshness of others and it’s always refreshing when their are compassionate people like you. I am glad you still have your blog.


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