A Little Bit More About Me

Today I thought that I would share a little bit more about me, for your reading pleasure and for those who are interested in getting to know me a little better. πŸ™‚

  1. I love cookies, muffins and quick breads. I can never only eat one cookie or muffin or one piece of banana bread. I love to bake and love fresh-baked bread. When I was a little girl, I had a best friend whose dad owned a bakery. Going there after school was heaven to me. We got to eat all the fresh-baked goodies!
  2. I have red hair and blue eyes. My hair used to be blonde like Kesa’s when I was little, but it slowly turned a deeper red, like Autumn’s when I was around 13.
  3. I love tomatoes! I love all fresh tomatoes, (especially grape tomatoes), tomato paste, diced tomatoes, pizza sauce, pasta sauce, tomato soup, although I am not a fan of ketchup. I find it too sugary. My whole family hates most forms of tomatoes, except ketchup.
  4. I eat at least one apple and one banana everyday. I buy a lot of bananas and our whole family eats a lot of apples too. Everyone eats at least one apple a day. When we shop, we have to buy pounds of them. One of Serafina’s first words was apple.
  5. I have a fear of fish. Fish freak me out. This is especially weird since I grew up on the lake and always went swimming, never ever thinking that I was swimming with disgusting fish! One day a fish swam up against my leg and ever since then I am afraid of that ever happening again. Fish gross me out completely. Not so much tiny aquarium fish, but definitely lake, sea and ocean fish do.
  6. I go out for a walk everyday for 30-60 minutes and have been doing so for the past 3 years. Usually we all go out together as a family. I think that it is a nice habit and a great way to spend time together.
  7. I am 24 years old, although I feel much older and I know that my soul is much older. It always has been. Most of the people that I can relate to or who are my friends are in their mid-thirties or older. My soul mate is 48. I don’t think that age matters at all or can really tell anything about the soul and spirit of the person (which is who I believe we all really are).
  8. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to live in a big house, have a big yard and have five daughters. Not sure if that will all come true, but so far it is pretty close.
  9. I used to be addicted to fast food and never ever thought that I would ever enjoy eating healthy food, let alone be vegan or try tofu! Anything is possible!
  10. I love to take pictures and do work with pictures in photoshop. I got a nice camera last year for my birthday, which I still haven’t learned to use. I still take picture on auto! One day I will learn how to use it. My dad is a professional photographer, though he never taught me anything really, I just gravitated towards it. I also like to take videos and capture moments in whatever way I can either through photograpy, videography, or writing/blogging.
  11. I don’t know how to sew or knit, though I wish I did. I would love to make my girls matching sun dresses or sweaters or to make a quilt!
  12. I love being outside and in nature as much as possible, soaking up the sun. I went for a walk everyday, (except one) this winter, even in -40 when the schools were closed. I just dress for the weather. People probably think that I am the crazy walking lady, but nothing can keep me from getting outside everyday. I have to see everyday that has been created.
  13. I have only worn make-up 3-4 times in the past three years. I used to always wear a lot of make-up, but then I decided that I wanted to go natural and to get content with my real face. I am learning to accept myself as beautiful just the way that as I was made and love the real me, inside and out.
  14. I would rather spend my weekend outside in nature, or reading spiritual material, or being outside in nature, reading spiritual material, than going shopping as seems to be the norm.
  15. I love meeting new people and connecting with others through my blog. I think it is amazing how even though we are so far apart, that we can connect on such intimate levels and help and encourage each other. It is always nice to make new friends!
  16. I am just a down to earth girl on a journey to discover who she is in this world and make the best of my time here, shining my light and helping the animals, others and our planet in whatever little ways I can. I believe in the power of one to make a difference in life and hope that my decision to try will help in whatever way it can, even if I never know it.

Feel free to comment or email anytime! It has been great getting to know so many of you! I would never have imagined I would have made so many connections and so many friends when I first began blogging. To me, that is what it is all about. πŸ™‚