Focusing On The Good

Here in Manitoba it looks like quite a winter wonderland!


If I didn’t know that it was nearing the end of March, by looking out the window I would assume that winter was just beginning.


So today we spent the day inside and designated it a lazy one.

Lately Serafina is really in love with the youtube channel KidsTV123. It is a great channel for kids and very educational. The singers voice is so soothing. If you have little ones, I recommend checking it out!



I have really been enjoying sneaking off upstairs while Craig is still home during the day to go and read. I finally feel that now that Serafina is getting to be a toddler and is weaned for the day that I have a bit of freedom. I forgot how good it feels to have some alone time. I rarely ever get some and so for me it is kind of hard to not feel guilty about it, but I am realizing just how important it is! Since I started sneaking off here and there to read in the last 3 weeks, I have read 6 (almost 7) books! As you can tell, I am taking advantage of every little moment or my reading time.


Today I also baked (as usual). I always have cookies or muffins on hand and in the freezer for Craig to take to work during the week and for us to eat. So after we had a nice lunch together of Maple Garlic Stir-Fry (my favorite) and Serafina and I feel asleep for a little afternoon nap (soooo heavenly) the girls and I baked some carrot muffins.


I love these lazy days when life is so relaxed. I guess compared to most people’s lives, ours is quite relaxed. We don’t ever put more stress on ourselves than we need and think it important that our kids have a relaxed and peaceful environment to grow up in. My house is not exactly a picture out of a magazine and neither am I. Just give me a chance to get outside, do some yoga, enjoy a good book and plenty of time with my family and I am a happy girl. Our homeschooling method is quite relaxed too as we believe in letting the early years of our children’s lives to be childlike and not force them to grow up too fast.


Days for them are filled with stories, songs, crafts and time spent outdoors. We believe that life is the greatest teacher, which holds daily lessons for us all. During the winter we watch T.V. a lot more than often, but the shows we watch are always wholesome. We don’t actually have T.V. channels, but we do have our computer hooked up to our T.V. so we can watch anything off of youtube or the internet on our big T.V. screen and enjoy the comfort of the couch.


We don’t want for much in life, but peace and simplicity. I am glad to have this opportunity in life to be where I am today. I am grateful for all of the past choices that I have made that have led me to where I am and to the ones that I have in my life. I believe that it took a lot of pressing past many fears to arrive at the mindset that I now hold. It took a lot of letting go (something that I am still working on), but letting go just feels so right. I guess my mindset has now become, why burden yourself with thoughts, people and circumstances that do not bring you peace? Why postpone truly living?

Life is too short to not live fully and have the life that you want to have. Even if you find yourself in a less than ideal situation right now in your life, you can still choose to change your mind about it. I have learned that being conscious of our thoughts is the greatest path to peace. We are what we think and our imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.  This is something I practice often as I am given so many opportunities to do so daily. Things are not all perfect all the time. Life isn’t. But we can always choose to see a different perspective and focus on the good.


I think that sometimes subconsciously I still feel guilty for feeling good and accepting goodness into my life. I don’t know if maybe some of you do too. It would seem that so many people are asleep to the goodness that surrounds them. It is like there is a heavy cloud of sedation that covers our society and keeps us from really seeing what we have. There is so much business. So much striving. So many distractions to keep the mind constantly restless and unconscious. Sometimes I wonder if maybe we are all just too afraid to let all of that go and awaken to feel the peace and goodness that is also surrounding us. In a way I guess it scares me to realize that I have begun to wake up and no longer chose to go with the normal flow of life. When you go against the conditioning of society and realize that what it offers is not real, then a whole new life opens up. Now that I have had a taste of it, I never want to go back to the way things were.

It is as though we are all offered this big slice of life and everyone wants their piece. I feel like as everyone happily takes their share and goes about their ‘normal’ lives and I chose to leave mine, then somehow I (and the ones who do not partake) are looked upon as abnormal, “hippies” or just complacent. I guess because this has been said to me before and I have been questioned as to why I don’t want my piece, I still wonder if it is bad or wrong somehow to not just conform and live like everyone else seems so content to do. It even prevents me from coming on to my blog and sharing the goodness and the gratefulness that I feel. Somehow it is as though it is taboo to recognize it and to point out to people that they don’t have to keep striving and searching for what is blatantly in front of them if only they would open their eyes.

I often ask myself these questions and wonder what to do with my life, my girls and my blog. Right now I believe it is this, to focus on the good. Life is too short to spend it any other way and I am seeing now more than ever that perspective is huge. What we chose to see in life is what makes all the difference and what great news it is to know that we have control over our perspective no matter what life throws us!

It may be difficult sometimes to make the conscious choice to see the good, be the good and spread the good, but that is what I am striving to make my focus. I hope that you will join me in seeing the beauty and goodness in your own life also. To breathe in the peace that surrounds you and to let go of the things, thoughts, feelings and relationships that are no longer serving you.

Why burden yourself with thoughts, people and circumstances that do not bring you peace? Why postpone truly living?

Much Love,


3 thoughts on “Focusing On The Good

  1. “Why burden yourself with thoughts, people and circumstances that do not bring you peace? Why postpone truly living?”

    This!!! I couldn’t agree with you more. Life is too short not to live the one you want.

    I am so happy you are back 🙂


  2. I love everything you write. It is so true. Our friend’s and family think me and my husband have gone nuts ever since we moved out of state. I don’t work so I can raise our 3 boys. My husband works out of the house so he can be with us more. We started unschooling our 6 year old. We don’t watch t.v anymore either except for educational, movies, yoga. We got rid of our microwave. Stopped eating meat, and dairy. Working on getting rid of cellphones. Once we woke up, we also never want to go back. My aunt asked me if I was in a cult. 🙂 I explained that we are just trying to live happy, and be good parents. I told her I am the happiest I have ever been. I don’t even need my antideppresants anymore


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