~ For Serafina’s sweet smiles. She has turned into a toddler now and is becoming more independent everyday, climbing, exploring and trying to be just like her big sisters. It was a little bittersweet to stop nursing her during the day and begin weaning her a few weeks ago. She is now weaned for the day and I am staring to realize that she is not going to be my little baby for much longer.



~ For the last bit of winter. The sun has been shining brighter everyday this week and there is a feeling of spring in the air. We have been going outside nearly every afternoon when the sun is shining the brightest.


I sit and watch the girls play and read a book. Autumn makes fairy houses, Kesa digs tunnels and Serafina eats the snow and ice.




When I was taking these pictures, I realized that this was Serafina’s first time walking in the snow with boots on. Last year when she was outside in the winter she wasn’t walking yet and this year she hasn’t been out much at all. These moments were so precious to me watching her hesitantly taking steps in her big, clunky boots. Everyday she is getting faster at walking in them and I know that in spring she will be running down the sidewalk.


Autumn also made a cute little snowman!


~ For seeing Autumn play school with her sisters. She is a great teacher!




~ For sweet little drawings from a sweet little girl.


I was amazed at how good Kesa is getting at drawing now. At first I thought Autumn made these pictures. I especially love the little ballet slippers.



~ For early bedtimes. These days All my girls are in bed by 10:00pm. That is early for us. All my girls are night owls and would stay up all night if they could.

~ For early mornings to read before the kids get up and for pancake breakfasts.

~ For an amazing connection with my husband. Our relationship only ever seems to grow deeper every day/month/year.

~ For a much needed break and a chance to reevaluate where I am at, who I am and who I want to be.

~ For facing some of my fears and learning to let go of the things I cannot control.

~ For taking each and every day one moment at a time, appreciating the little things and focusing on the light amidst the darkness.