Seeing Past Our Differences

I really feel as though I need to clear something up in my space. I think a lot of times people misinterpret what I am trying to convey in my writings and through my blog posts. A lot of times my inner processing and desire to focus on gratitude gets interpreted to others as pride. Please understand that a blog post is really only a snippet of my reality and an expression of my thoughts and feelings at that moment in time. I believe that life is always changing and I am aware that what I think, feel or believe at one point in my life might change at another. In fact, I have seen that many times in my past. I believe in staying open-minded and being watchful of prideful thoughts and not believing that just because something works for me, that it is what everyone should be doing.

Please understand this. I am in no way telling anyone to be like me. I am simply being me and living my life in a way that brings me happiness in my corner of the world. The only inspiration that you should derive from my space is the desire to live your life your way and in a way that brings you happiness. We all have our different beliefs, hobbies, choices, lifestyles etc. We are not meant to follow others and become imitators of others’ lives. We are each meant to be our unique and individual selves and bring our own light into the world.

That said, there are of course things that we have in common with others and ways that we can relate to others too. We may have certain hobbies, beliefs or lifestyles that are similar to others and so we can make connections with like-minded people. That is one of the most beautiful things in life! The ability to  be able to connect with others and share in our human experiences. Though it feels so nice to be able to share our similar beliefs and ways of living with others, what we should ultimately be working on is finding that connection with everyone we meet (even those who we do not seem to have anything in common with) by looking deeply and seeing that we are all really the same. By relinquishing our judgements and seeing past our perceived differences and accepting each other, as we know that others are really just a reflection of and an extension of ourselves.

So that is my big problem with blogging, is that so often people come along and misinterpret what I am saying. Perhaps they are not truly reading it or feeling it with their heart, or perhaps they just like to judge and form opinions on others who may choose to live differently than them. I have even many times questioned myself, wondering if  perhaps somehow I am coming off in a very negative way to others and that perhaps I should just keep my blog life to myself. Yet having searched inside my heart, I really do not believe that this is true. I am always very cautious of my words and of what I post and most of what I post  is simply nourishment for my soul as I reflect upon my own life and my own mind. This is not meant to be boastful at all, but to be an exercise for my own soul. If you choose to come here and read my writings, you have chosen to do so of your own free will. I have not told you to read it or made you enter into my life. You have chosen to do so for reasons personal to yourself.

I only hope that if you take anything from my blog that you find a desire inside of yourself to discover who you really are and what you really want for your life, even if – and especially if– that is different than the way that I am living. I hope that we can all learn to accept each other despite our differences and that we can be mindful of the power behind our words and or actions toward each other. (See this post; Words). I hope that we can see past religion, race, and/or whatever labels that we put on ourselves to the real person, the real spirit that lies within and feel a true sense of connectedness.