Words are powerful. They can uplift or destroy. They can be healing, encouraging, inspiring. They can be honest, real and vulnerable. They can be harmful, degrading, dampening. They can be deceitful, false and callous. They can be snide and rude or respectful and giving. They can expose you or hide you. They can bind you or free you. Words can be written or spoken. They can be a message that can catch a fire, a beginning of a revolution. They can strike fear, impose authority or cause war and division. They can be freeing and tolerant, peaceful and unifying. They can connect or disconnect. They can mend broken ties and heal broken hearts. They can inflict deep wounds and cause great pain. They can be constructive and creative, strong or weak. They can begin or end relationships. They can be unforgiving and revengeful or merciful and graceful. They can be optimistic or pessimistic, either enriching and life-giving or bitter and damaging. They can be heartfelt or heartless. They have the power to express soul and spirit and to explore the deepest of mysteries.

There is power in words. They are not easily forgotten and can have a huge impact, for better or for worse. Choose them wisely.

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