For clear indigo night skies and twinkling stars. Going for evening walks and seeing all of the Christmas decorations and lights. Showing Autumn some constellations and wishing on a shooting star.

Waking up to beautiful morning hoarfrost, followed by an afternoon of sledding in the sunshine.

Cuddling, co-sleeping with and nursing my little baby. Watching the rise and fall of her chest as she falls asleep in my arms. Noticing tiny eyelashes on sleepy half-open eyes.

An unexpected cheque at the perfect time! We were getting really low on food and there was still a while until pay day.

The new box house that keeps the kids entertained for hours.

FYI – Boxes are great! 🙂

Putting up our Christmas tree together as a family.

Planning secret surprises for my girls and keeping things as simple as possible, always sticking to this motto:

And this advice.

Sweet little pig tails on the sweetest little girl!

Autumn’s cooking show that she has been asking me to share on the blog with you all. In this episode she shows us how to make delicious vegan pizza!!!