Reverence Over Fear

It’s not just in times of a pandemic that we should reflect on life and death. Every day is precious and gifted and we could lose friends, family, our own life at any time. We should be grateful for each day and live in it as presently as we can.

We should drop perfectionism and forget the ideals we’ve been brought up to strive to achieve and remember what’s important and who we are.

If we take anything from this, may it be the remembrance of spirituality beyond materialism and awaken once again to the reality passing by us every moment while we stay conscious of mainly the anxieties swimming in our heads or fruitless ambitions.

Please remember to live and love like at any moment anything and everything can change. This is not to be feared but revered! What a gift we have, let us be grateful and glad.

Breathe in, you still have here and now.