Leave It On The Mat

Not only do I love Yoga, I also need it.

As a human being, I tend to get all wrapped up in my thoughts and feelings and yoga always helps me to stretch and breathe past all that to see that nothing is ever really wrong. Yoga gives me inner peace.

The other day I was doing yoga and Kesa asked me to get her a snack, I had to pause during my session and get her a bowl of cereal and then resume (aggravating). Then while I am in downward dog, I see this.

Yes, that is the cereal spilled all over the floor.(super aggravating)

Yoga is challenging, not only physically, but mentally. That is why I love it. So as I was in downward dog and witnessing the milk from the cereal pouring down my table, I just kept on breathing and letting it go (challenging). I figured that the mess will still be there when I am done. It was really just a matter of not thinking about it while I was doing my yoga and keeping my mind in a state of peace. Easier said than done.

Sometimes, life gets overwhelming and crazy, which can tend to lead me to spend way to much time in my head. That is when I take an hour out of my day to stretch it out and find myself again. To breathe and realize that I am alive and that in the present moment there is never actually anything to be stressed or worried about. I need to get rid of everything that is not authentically me and leave it on the mat.

Yoga also teaches me a lot about myself. It helps me to recognize the places within myself that I am holding onto thoughts and feelings (fears), that I am living and embodying. As you reach a point in the pose where it is very difficult, you can see that there is resistance in your mind. It is a practice to breathe into it, relax and let it go. This practice enables me to do likewise in any difficult situation that life presents.

Yes, I love yoga and I need yoga. In fact that is what I am off to do right now.

But first, I also wanted to share with you what I saw this morning.

2 angels.

Aren’t they beautiful?

One thought on “Leave It On The Mat

  1. Thank you for your thoughts. I am learning what amazing things yoga can do, even more for my mind than for my body right now. Love it (and the name of your post as well).


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