Fun With Fruit

Did you see the frost on the ground this morning? It is enough to make you want to crawl back in bed and hibernate until summer comes again. That, or get out your winter coat, hat and mitts and take a brisk, early morning walk with your hubby and embrace every bit of life, cold and all. My hands were actually frozen when we got in! My plan for the day was to think up something fun to do with my princesses to make me forget that winter is inevitably on it’s way.

So, this afternoon I decided to surprise Autumn with a fun treat that I stumbled upon in one of her magazines. On the walk home from school today I told her I had a fun surprise waiting for her. She said, “More fun than the park?” I said “Oh yea, this is something fun that you can eat.” She got excited and when we got home we got busy creating beautiful fruity flowers. 🙂

I needed to put myself in a more summery mood. These flowers reminded me of summer and the sweet taste of the fruit and the smiles on my girls faces, made me forget my plans to go into hibernation, but instead think up more fun activities that we can continue to do all winter long.

Fruity Flowers

  • 1 pineapple
  • strawberries
  • green and red grapes
  • cantelope
  • cookie cutters, whatever shapes you like (we used circles, stars, flowers and hearts)
  • 8- 10 wooden skewers


1. Prepare your fruit. Cut the strawberries in half and pick your grapes off the vine, wash and place into bowls.

2. Cut the skin off of the pineapple and then cut it width-wise into 3/4 inch slices

3. With a small circle cookie cutter, cut out the core of the pineapple.

4. Take a knife and carefully cut the edge of the pineapple to create a flower shape.

5. Then, with the same small circle cutter that you used to core the pineapple, cut out a circle from the cantelope or whatever other fruit you are using.

6. Continue to create all different types of fruity flowers and have fun.

7. To prepare the flower, begin with the stem. Place the green or red grapes on first and follow with your fruity flower.

These were so pretty!

We ate a lot of fruit while we were making these and of course, we had to try our our beautiful creations!

I still have a bouquet of beautiful, fruity flowers in the fridge for later. I guess we will be having a late dinner, now that we filled up on all that fruit.

Autumn actually said “This was way more fun than the park, this was the funnest time ever!” I never expected that response, but it made me happy. It just goes to show that kids don’t just want candy or toys, but quality time with their parents and that fun can be healthy and free! There are so many fun activities you can do with your children using things around those house or creating fun healthy recipes. In fact I think I will make a post about it sometime. 🙂

Kesa was surprised to wake up this morning to find her dresses are not in her drawer anymore. I told her that the winter fairy must have taken them, now that it is getting colder out. I thought that maybe if I put them away in another place, she would maybe wear pants. I thought wrong. She just wears her shirt with a diaper, or goes for her usual nude style. At least today I got her to where her winter jacket and boots!

Except now she will not take the jacket or boots off and she is still pants-less.

At least she is having fun.

She won’t even take off the jacket and boots while watching Curious George.

We are half-way there! 🙂

At least she is reading her book while she is naked.

Yes, that book is called “A Guide For The Advanced Soul.”

It is full of really profound quotes. Her and Autumn both love to look at it. I guess because it is just their size.

I’m not complaining.

She also has taken up guitar.

Meanwhile, Autumn is still rockin’ the piano

I think my kids are geniuses! Must be all the fruit and veggies. 😉

My mission for this evening will be to see if Kesa will give up her jacket and boots for jammies and a bedtime story. Wish me luck!