The Journey Begins Now

Hello all! So I decided to start this blog, as I have recently been doing a lot of inner work and finding ways that I can get in touch with my true self and balancing body, mind and spirit. I thought of all the things that are important to me and came up with the title “eat, run, write, love.”

  • Eat – whole foods for physical, spiritual and mental health.
  • Run- for inner peace. Running helps me to discipline my mind and get stronger. When I run, I find out just how much I can do.
  • Write – to get my thoughts out and to relate to and inspire others.
  • Love – everyone and everything, all the time. All of life, not just the good parts.

This blog will document my journey to finding myself and living a life of love. I am on a journey to find out what my place is in this chaotic world in which we live and live as unselfishly as I can. With so much selfishness going on in the world, causing all kinds of destruction, it is easy to just want to give up on love and hide away. It feels impossible to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” After all, it would seem that no one else is.

My hope is that whatever I find, will benefit or inspire others. I believe in practicing mindfulness in all that we do and that being conscious of what we eat, think, say and do is the key to love. When we are selfish and just going through the motions of life, there is no excitement or joy and certainly no change. When we instead take all of our actions from a state of love and gratitude, life is one exciting adventure! When we are being true to ourselves and allowing ourselves to be the unique person we were created to be, being the change will just come naturally.

I spent a lot of my life just being like everyone else, thinking life was a drag and then you die. Deep down I wanted to believe that there could be so much more, but I never bothered to find out who I really was and what I really believed. This past year has awakened me in so many ways and I have changed drastically from who I was physically, mentally and spiritually. The journey has not been easy, but I am now living a life that I love and it is because I am finally listening to my true self and following my heart and not my head.

I believe in love and I believe that life is meant to be lived. I hope you will share with me on my journey, learn something along the way and be inspired to make your own journey as well. Life is happening now, there is so much to be experienced, so much love and joy available to us in every moment. It is only a question of whether we are willing to allow ourselves to experience it.

I say YES!

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins Now

  1. So happy for you. I”ve been blessed to learn about myself as well. It has been a gift that has kept me grateful, thought-full and present for our kids. Lucky for us all, this journey began when they were born so it’s been a gift for the whole family. Learning and change isn’t all easy but WOW! how much more awesome life is along the path! This is my first visit to your blog.


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