50 Steps To a More Peaceful Life

  1. Take time to pray and meditate.
  2. Be grateful.
  3. Keep your eyes open.
  4. Hold the hand of a child, feel little arms around your neck.
  5. Listen to the innocent chatter and play of little ones.
  6. Walk in nature.
  7. Let the sun in every day.
  8. Stretch yourself on purpose.
  9. See yourself as separate from your thoughts. You are not your thoughts.
  10. Eat foods from nature, foods that have soaked up the sun and grown in the purity of the earth’s rich, fertile soil.
  11. Sing, dance, play, create. Free yourself in some way every day.
  12. Don’t get stuck in routines and bore yourself.
  13. Allow yourself pleasure and enjoyment in life, guilt-free.
  14. Laugh.
  15. Get in touch with the elements, water, earth, air and fire. Swim, go barefoot, breathe in nature, watch a flame.
  16. Lay down on the earth and stare up at the sky. Watch the clouds float on by.
  17. Watch the sun rise or set.
  18. Wear color. See color every day. Color a picture.
  19. Admire beauty, keep beautiful things in your home. See the beauty in all life.
  20. Have a few plants.
  21. Burn incense.
  22. Use essential oils.
  23. Clean something.
  24. Eat mindfully and with gratitude for the food you have to nourish your physical body, mind and spirit. You are not just eating for your physical body only. Eating is a sacred act.
  25. Eat outside.
  26. Don’t take more from life than you need.
  27. Give and receive hugs or some form of physical touch every day.
  28. Be kind.
  29. Be compassionate.
  30. Practice ahimsa (non-harm) in all areas of your life, speech, thought, deed, and be conscious of how every thought and action of yours affects the whole.
  31. Be aware of the reality of karma.
  32. Realize that you are apart of a much greater reality than you are aware of.
  33. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.
  34. Surround yourself with others who will help raise you and awaken you, not drag you down and keep you asleep. Be mindful of the influences you are surrounded by and what you consciously choose to surround yourself with and allow in your consciousness.
  35. Be self-approved. Don’t look to others to give you worth or permission to live.
  36. Love yourself. It is not selfish to show ourselves some love too.
  37. Stop comparing yourself to others and trying to be anything but who you are.
  38. Face your fears!
  39. Write or keep a journal to see how your life is changing so that you can look back and notice. Writing is so therapeutic.
  40. Read something inspiring, uplifting or challenging.
  41. Know yourself as a divine spiritual being, not just a physical human being in a body. You are more.
  42. Do not judge others, instead see yourself reflected back at you through each and every person in your life. Ask yourself what the lesson is that you can learn through that person.
  43. Focus on your own journey.
  44. Slow down.
  45. Breathe.
  46. Let go.
  47. Be mindful of impermanence. Nothing ever lasts. Everything changes.
  48. Let yourself experience greatness.
  49. Let love in. You are loved and worthy of love.
  50. Give love away. We are all connected.


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