A Lesson In Patience

The following documents the occurrences that took place at breakfast time this morning. Dialogue is between myself (the mom) and my two-year old daughter Kesara.

“I want toast.”

“Toast and Jam?”

“Toast with butter and jam.”

Mom gets out the margarine and jam.

“No I don’t want that! I want jam!”

Mom puts the margarine away and proceeds to make the toast with jam only as requested. Child begins to eat the toast, all seems to be going well.

“I need a drink in my hello kitty cup.”

“Would you like water or milk?”

“Yea, I want milk!”

Mom fills the hello kitty cup with milk.

“I don’t want that cup! I want the hello kitty one!” (which is not actually a hello kitty cup, but is obviously better, duh mom!)

Mom pours the milk into the other fancier and obviously better kitty cup. All is well.

” I want my toast cut.”

“In half?”

“NO! I want it cut!”

Mom nervously begins to cut the toast and continues cutting as the child seems content. The jam-only toast is now in bite sized pieces and served with one glass of milk in the fancy ‘hello’ kitty cup and there is another less pretty actual hello kitty cup with some water in it just in case. She decides to get back to her dishes when…

“I need a fork!”

How could mom possibly forget that?! Child eats her toast with a fork as contentedly as can be expected, while mom decides to get the camera and take a picture to remember this moment forever.

Child gets even more angry, as mom continues to take pictures.

What a morning and a lesson in patience for mom!

Or was it for Kesara?

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