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Everyone on earth could be fed easily because we currently grow more than enough grain to feed ten billion people; our current practice of feeding this grain to untold billions of animals and eating them forces over a billion of us to endure chronic malnutrition and starvation while another billion suffer from the obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer linked with eating diets high in animal foods. – Dr. Will Tuttle, author of  The World Peace Diet

Some things just don’t make any sense at all and you wonder when people will get smart already and start making these connections. This quote reminds me again why being vegan is not just about my health or the animals, but about the billions of other people who are suffering and our earth that we are destroying. The World Peace Diet is an excellent book. It is one of the first books that I read when I became vegan. I highly recommend it. Also check out www.worldpeacediet.com.

One thought on “Quote Of The Day

  1. Did you know that in Canada alone we waste $27 billion worth of food annually, that’s food that has produced a lot of greenhouse gases to grow and transport, only to be left to rot or be thrown away unused. $27 billion. Every year. In a country of less than 34 million people. Alas, it’s not just meat eaters who are guilty, it’s all of us.


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