Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚


This year, we did the baking for Grandma’s Christmas again and we also decided to make a fruit turkey for fun.



The funny thing about turkeys is that somehow for the past few years, every year we get a free turkey. It is really weird because I don’t eat meat. I don’t like dead turkeys. It actually creeps me out. I have some sort of weird karma with turkeys I guess.

Last year a woman came ringing our doorbell and gave me a turkey and a bag of potatoes and some canned vegetables. She said that every year they choose a house to bless and that year it was ours, “Merry Christmas!” I didn’t know who she was or her name or anything, she just dropped in, handed me a bag and then left.

Guess who’s house it was this year?


Ours. The doorbell rang yesterday and I wondered who it could possibly be and there was the turkey lady with a turkey, potatoes, stuffing and more canned food than last year. Again she just hands me a bag, says “Merry Christmas” and then leaves. I don’t have time to object or even say anything before she takes off.

So every year I pass on the turkey to someone else who needs it and who actually eats meat. I wonder who to give it to this year. Even though I am vegan and I obviously don’t eat turkey, I totally appreciate her gesture and the fact that she goes around doing something so nice makes me want to do more good deeds like this too. Giving just feels so good!

So that is my crazy vegan turkey story. I had to share it because it is too weird not to.

In light of turkeys at Christmas though, the girls and I were watching turkey videos on the computer yesterday. Here is a nice one. I am glad to see that some turkey’s have a new lease on life and get to celebrate holidays alive. They are pretty amazing creatures!

I am pleased with this Christmas. I think that the girls got a lot of useful gifts. They got some clothes, a few toys and games (mostly wooden food by Melissa and Doug) and a ton of books!


I got a lot of 55 Berenstain Bears books from ebay for Kesa. I did most of my shopping on ebay this year. I never like to buy new stuff and I found pretty much everything that they wanted on there. Autumn got a set of the Little House In Rocky Ridge books, the story of Rose Wilder, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s daughter.

They also got a few crafty things. They love doing mosaics. Autumn got a fairy one and Kesa got a butterfly one.



Kesa and Serafina got matching sleepers.


And my mom knit something for each of the girls. Kesa got a dress and Serafina and Autumn got some pretty sweaters.



Merry Christmas! Hope that you are having a good one! ๐Ÿ™‚