My Hubby’s Hobby

So Autumn wants to be an author of children’s books, Kesa is an awesome little singer, I write this blog and self-published my very own cookbook, but we are not the only ones with dreams, talents and hobbies. My husband Craig is actually an awesome musician. When he gets off work, he spends many hours a night recording his own songs which we all really enjoy listening to. I am actually amazed at how awesome he is because he has always been so shy about playing. If you met him you would never know that he had such talent because he is a more introverted/humble character, but man is his music amazing! He does all the parts himself too, guitar, bass, drums, all in his recording program. His music is definitely worth sharing, so enjoy! My favorite is Waves because it is bluesy. I also love the guitar solo in Sky. Brixibus is also pretty rockin’!






And here is a peak into the behind the scenes recording session. Serafina is her daddy’s biggest fan (which is too cute). I am the helpful critic who gives the tough love. 🙂

I love my man!