Note to Self

You are human and it is not always easy, but you are not alone and you will make it through, no matter what you are feeling. It feels impossible sometimes, but you are more and you can withstand anything. Take it easy on yourself. Enjoy your beautiful life and be grateful. Do not be afraid. Let go of the things that are weighing heavy on you and be free. Follow your heart and your intuition.
It is OK to make mistakes in life. It is OK to be human and have feelings. Beautiful things can’t stay all the same way and life can’t be perfect all the time. We all need the darkness to see the light. These experiences are needed to help you to learn and to grow. These experiences are not unique to you only, we all have them and we are all on the same journey, even if we are taking different paths to get there.

Just know that no matter what, you will be alright.


Hoping that this note to self resonates with you, wherever you are and whatever you may be going through in life.

Much love,


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