On Friday last week we had a big thunderstorm and a big tree fell down in the night right on our garden by our house.


Thankfully, it didn’t fall on the house, but it did knock the hydro and phone lines down and tore the hydro meter right off of the house.



The trees roots were ripped right up out of the ground from the strong winds.


We still had hydro even though the lines were on the ground when we left to go shopping for our groceries on Saturday (which is when the hydro people were coming down to fix the problem), but when we came back with a van full of food, we found that they had only cut the lines and left for the whole long weekend. An electrician would need to come before everything could work again, but before an electrician could come and work, the tree had to be moved. So, we had to then empty out our fridge and freezers and take all of our perishable food to Criag’s parent’s place. It was just like camping again. No lights, heat, hot water, fridge, stove, electricity, phone or internet. We brought up our flash lights and camp stove and toaster to use. The mornings were cold in the house, so we wore a lot of clothes to keep warm.

On Sunday Craig and our landlord were cutting and moving the tree. The landlord also cut many other trees on the west side of the house because they were so close to the lines and are getting really old. It always makes me sad to see trees get cut down, but I guess the good thing about it is that our garden will get more sun next year. We have our electricity back, but our phone is still not working and I don’t mind. The internet is working and so here I am.

Honestly, I wasn’t a bit upset about the whole thing. I don’t mind living without power for a while because I think it really helps people to see just how dependent they are on technology and ease and everything else. We would even wake up in the morning and try to turn on a light and remember that they weren’t working. I am glad that we had water to drink, brush our teeth with and wash in though.

It was quite a nice time actually with no phone ringing, no internet to distract us and no T.V. or music. We got to do other things together, like crafts and reading. We also just sat together and bonded. The kids were happy to go to bed with their flash lights and Craig and I were happy to sit by candle light or in the dark and just be together. As it is, we live a pretty slow-paced, simple life. We don’t have a cell phone or iphone or other crazy high-tech gadgets. We don’t have any satellite T.V. or T.V. channels, but we do still have a T.V. to watch movies on, which the kids use at least once a day for maybe a few hours and I do check my email and keep this blog. My husband also spends a lot of time at the computer. I liked being without the internet dependence for a while, so that I could see that I can get along just fine without it. I guess that we won’t be getting rid of our internet service (which I have often thought of doing), but I do think that I will be using it a lot less. I like being still and mindful and more in my life. I do like blogging though as my way to reflect upon things and see my life from a different perspective. And I do love connecting with you all too! πŸ™‚

Last night I put the pictures from my camera into the computer and decided that I wanted to write a grateful post. I love to look at the pictures that I have taken and remember the good times that we have been having.

This week I am grateful…

~ for craft time and paint and the excitement that it brings to little people. This week we made handprint mermaids. An Autumn mermaid and a Kesara mermaid.








~ to be able to be home with my girls and watch all of the creative things that they do. Like start a band. They are the Blackberries and they rock! Autumn plays the tambourine or the turtle, Kesa sings and Serafina dances and plays the keyboard.


They also love to make play doh creations. I had to take a picture of their Strawberry Shortcake play doh gowns. How fancy!



Their play doh cakes are pretty fancy too!



Autumn is always making her own paper dolls and drawing beautiful pictures.




Kesa made this picture of her sock monkeys.


Autumn also put on a cooking show for us all the other day and taught me how to make a three-layer wedding cake. Good to know!


~ for yoga and for the fact that children learn by your example. Knowing that always helps me to be mindful of the person I am being and the example that I am setting for my daughters.




~ for Curious George! Serafina is obsessed with George and so at least there is something that can entertain her when I need to get things done. We all agree that Serafina looks and acts just like George too.


~ for our oven and for precious baking moments. This week we made Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls and Blueberry Banana Muffins.






~ for color baths, essential oils and massage. We bought these color bath packages at the gift shop in town and the girls love them. Yesterday they had a green bath.


~ for moments alone with my husband and for getting to know each other better. For love and partnership.


~ for a roof over our head, food in our fridge, running water and a bed to sleep in.


~ for my family and our beautiful life together.




8 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Eeks, close call! Good thing it happened now instead of in the middle of winter in a snow storm! Love all the crafts as usual πŸ™‚ I’m going to show this post to Svara tomorrow, I know she’s going to want to make a handprint mermaid as well! And speaking of your banana blueberry muffins, I have had that page up in a tab on my browser since yesterday as I was going to make them today! I ran out of time but planning on getting it done tomorrow.


  2. Such a lovely list of gratitude.

    So happy all is okay at home. We too had the same thing happen years ago, only a drunk driver hit the hydro pole out front and tore all the lines and meter from our house. And it was December and a cold spell. Hydro did the same thing, cleaned up the lines and left. We had to wait out the weekend for the electrician too.

    Being present and mindful in our days can be hard with all this technology, I find when we have a power outage, which seems to happen often here in the rural areas, it gives me a certain sense of peace.

    Enjoy your weekend.


    • Thanks Kim! That sounds like a hard time being without hydro in the winter! It is the tough times, or times of trial that really help us be more appreciative and mindful of our blessings though, isn’t it? It is also always good to make a conscious choice to take a break from external stimuli and other distractions, like technology to find out who we really are, what we really want and what really matters in life (at least for me). Have a good weekend! πŸ™‚


  3. Your daughters are seriously talented!! We’ve been having thunderstorms here in Vancouver, too, and they’ve been wreaking havoc! I’m glad that you and your family (and your house) are safe! Have a great weekend!


  4. What a beautiful post, Tiffany. I’m so thankful you and your family were ok–what a close call! I love the Blackberries–Autumn is quite a little star in the making, isn’t she? And the mermaid art is really sweet–great idea! Looks like your family weathered the storm, none the worse…only better.


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