~ For sweet little girls who are always so helpful around the house.






~ For classic books and time spent reading in mommy’s big bed. We seem to be plowing through the classics and are currently almost done Black Beauty.




~ For time spent together sewing and making our own toys.







~For our first real signs of spring weather and our spring nature shelf.



~ For the sweet sound of singing birds morning, noon and night.


~ For curious little toddlers who love their rubber boots and mud puddles.




~ For endless paintings and drawings, just for me. I can’t get enough. 🙂

kesa and mommypainting

Kesa’s painting of me and her.

sun poem

Autumn’s copy of a sun poem from our book of poetry. We’ve been reading and writing a lot of poems.

~ For the Waldorf toys we have been waiting to come in the mail.




~ For family. For health. For happiness.






~ For daughters and the things that you learn from them. I am always trying to be a better woman because of them, always desiring to give them the best childhood possible and being the best example that I can be.



~ For the amazing artistic qualities that I never knew we had. It seems like everyone in this house is a little artist these days. Kesa is always drawing or painting and the girls are constantly making up their own paper dolls and coloring sheets too.




Autumn’s drawings from our animal studies.




My drawing of the Canada Goose and an owl.

Canada goose by mommy

mommys owl

~ For finishing up another dance year. The girls put on a wonderful show and Autumn did fantastic at her solo.



Kesa is the second to last ballerina.

Kesa’s tap dance, Go Getter. Again she is second to the last on the right.

Autumn’s group tap dance, Cupid. Autumn is the one with the red ponytail on the far right.

Autumn’s group jazz dance, Star Power. Autumn is the one in the long red ponytail on the far left.

And this year Autumn did a tap dance solo to the song September. Her first ever solo.

And the finale…

Life is beautiful! 🙂






18 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. SO CUTE! Awesome dancing! So many beautiful things to be thankful for. We all need this reminder to be present for the things right in front of us :).


  2. I always look forward to your posts! What talented girls you have. I can see by your drawings where they get their artistic ability from. I’ve seen a photo of your husband playing the guitar, so I guess that is their musical ability. You definitely have a lot to be grateful for, and thanks for reminding me to feel gratitude.


  3. You have such a sweet beautiful family. Thank you for sharing such a special part of you with all of us. I always enjoy seeing your girls’ art work and all the fun things you do together. It brings me back to when my kiddos were little. Please let Autumn know that I think her poem about the sun is lovely. I would love a copy of that to hang in our home.


  4. Yes thank you for sharing so many of your special times together with all of us. I love that you are teaching the girls to sew and make some of their own toys. You have a very special family and you are giving them the best childhood possible and you are being the very best example for them.


  5. What a lovely post! All of the photos were so delightful to look at and I do marvel at the talent that you all our so abundantly blessed with. I loved the owls, cartoon illustrations, and dance clips. I was very much impressed with Autumn’s poem and her conscious attention to the “sound” of words via alliteration. For example:

    Sun So bright… (alliteration S)

    Warms the World With Ceaseless Care….(alliteration W and C)

    On Bird and Beast….(alliteration B)

    Be Bright and… (alliteration B)

    Quite an advanced skill for one so young and her end rhymes are prefect. Please tell her to keep up the good work and she has the makings of a young writer. All of your daughters are budding artist!

    All the best,

    Priscilla .W


    • Thank you for your comment Priscilla! I should clarify that Autumn did not actually make up the poem, but just wrote it out. We have a book of Waldorf poetry that is full of great poems for kids and adults. She also does amazing work too. I have been wanting to post more of her work and drawings sometime when I can find the time. 🙂


  6. Thanks for the clarification…lolololo….oops! 🙂

    It’s still beautiful work and penmanship, and reading it made me smile….of which I am so grateful for. I’ll have to look up the book of Waldorf poetry. I can see why you all love it so well.

    Priscilla W.


  7. What lovely times! Yours girls must feel so accomplished being busy with all those great projects and the fun dancing! Love those owls, so cute! Those drawings are all great and the paper dolls so cute! I used to make paper dolls with my sisters when we were kids, so it reminded me of that.


    • Thanks Honey! I really like sewing and want to do more of it. It always feels nice to have them love their homemade toys so much. I love that they make their own paper dolls too. They always come up with the neatest ideas, I am often surprised at the creative things I see them do.


  8. I have been going to your blog for 2 years now, I love your recipes and envy all of the fantastic things you accomplish with your girls! I love the waldorf wooden toys that you showed, is there a website where I can purchase some? Kerri


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