Hibernate? Adapt? Or Migrate?

I stumbled upon this TED talk by this beautiful soul, Summer Beretsky. She talks about her struggles with her anxiety disorder and how she never felt as though she fit in. She talks about how we have three choices when we feel this way, to either hibernate, adapt or migrate.

To me, this speaks of us all who don’t feel as though we fit in this world. I think there are many of us that from childhood felt as though there was something different about us and that we could see through the illusions of everyday existence. The question for all of us who feel this way is do we hibernate? Do we alienate ourselves from the world and live a quiet life in solitude and isolation? Do we adapt to the world and its ways, even though we do not feel right about it and just live an existence that is insincere and dishonest to ourselves and stay miserable because we chose to just go with the flow? Or do we migrate? Do we grow and spread our wings and soar into our true self and individuality?

Each of us has the choice. And only we can choose how we are going to deal with our awakening to ourselves. We can accept it and hide away in fear of judgement. We can deny and suppress it and try and just pretend we are happy and really fitting in, just fine. Or we can choose the road less travelled and actually seek to discover who we are and not be afraid to of who that is and sharing it with the world.

Sending love and light to all those on this path of awakening who needed to hear this message of inspiration.

Be you. Be free. Write your own script. Write the script of your life.