Sharing Inspiration – If One Plus One, A Poem

Today’s post comes from a lovely lady who has chosen to share a poem that she wrote with the world. Enjoy! 🙂

If One Plus One…

By: Priscilla Williams


If one plus one equals two

Then why am I not like you?

A little girl counting by fives

Trying to copy copy-cat lives.


Ones, tens, and Barbie doll friends

Plastic smiles and chewing gum chins.

Spider silk hair, soft and fair

Floating gently in the air.


Mabel Mabel set the table

Jumping rope and cat’s cradle.

Mabel Mabel was her name

A million Mabel’s all the same.


A lie times Pi, a teenage sigh

Funny how they multiply.

But if one plus one equals two

Then why am I not like you?


Perhaps my perimeter is out of place.

Or maybe my area is a disgrace.

Perhaps my circumference is a bit round….

Or is this me that I have found?


No I am not a glorious array

I smile inside and that’s okay!

I travel the path of infinity

Smiling brightly for all to see.


Silly ones and threes and fives

Living odd….uneven lives.

If one plus one could equal three

Then I’ve found the truth in me.