Take Care Of You!

Do you ever look at your house and not want to clean it?

Do you ever feel unmotivated to cook?

Do you ever feel like being completely and utterly lazy?

I have moments like this from time to time. Today is a very cloudy and grey day and… it snowed! That’s right, in the end of April! Just when we thought spring and sunshine were here to take us out of our hibernation, the weather thought it might be fun to remind us of Christmas and all things winter.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our human sway toward laziness and love of ease. Love of ease is what Steiner talks about as being humankind’s main hindrance to perceiving the spiritual world. We are creatures of freewill and choice and we are selfish by nature, yet because of our freewill, we do have the ability to overcome our base, lower desires and selfish and lazy tendencies to do what we know intuitively is the right thing and take care of ourselves in body, soul, and spirit, so that we can fulfil our evolution and be beings of love and freedom. Being our best selves also helps us to be able to love and care for others.

Autumn has been sick yesterday and today and I have been a little under the weather myself. Gloomy days generally make me feel less motivated and the house is always getting messy because we all live in here all the time. It is a non-stop job.

Sometimes I feel lazy and unmotivated about things like cooking, cleaning, exercising, even homeschooling, but I know that I really do love to do those things. I know that overcoming that slump of laziness, overcoming my base, selfish human desires and living in the power and strength of my spirit, instead of my human self, feels so much better. Making the choice to take care of my body with natural, healthy foods, water, sunshine, exercise, and adequate rest and sleep is what keeps me balanced and keeps the positive energy flowing in my body and in our home.

Other ways I like to take care of myself and keep the vibes high in our lives are: buying healthy, organic foods, listening to uplifting music, burning incense, dancing with the girls, being artsy, going for walks together as a family, giving and getting massage, and using epsom salts and essential oils.

I think it is important and unselfish to take care of ourselves. Despite what guilt people sometimes feel about taking care of themselves, it is important and unselfish to do what we need to do in order to be able to function as a human being, balancing body, soul, and spirit.

This morning we went out for a walk together, even though it is gloomy and cold. We came home and even though I didn’t feel like it, I made a stir-fry and quinoa so that we could have a healthy lunch. I decided to take a bath with lavender oil and epsom salts to ease away some tension and the girls all had one too. Serafina’s favorite thing is to play in the tub with the water and it made me happy to see her doing what she loved. Even though I also felt unmotivated to give her her bath and wash and brush her hair (which is normally a pretty huge battle), I decided to push past that feeling of laziness and it turned out she actually enjoyed the bath today and getting her hair washed and styled.

And now I thought to come and share this message: take care of you!

Take care of you. Know that it is not selfish to take time for yourself and do what you love. Follow your heart and your intuition, especially when it is not easy. Push past your lower, lazy, and unmotivated or depressing thoughts and feelings and rise above to the heights of spirit. Once you get there, you will feel so much better! But remember that once there, you also can’t stay there. Life as a human being endowed with freewill means having to continually consciouly choose to follow spirit over and over again. There is no single awakening or arrival. Living in this human, physical body means having to continually choose to rise above.

No, it is not always easy, especially if we are in the habit of putting unwholesome foods in our body, or allowing unwholesome thoughts in our mind. As spiritual beings we also need to know that the diet of our mind is just as important as the diet for our body. We need to be conscious also of the energy that we are picking up from the people we are around, the music we listen to, and the media we expose ourselves (and our children) to. Because we are not just physical beings, all of these things are very important and just as influential. These things affect us, whether or not we want to believe that they do and that we are not only what we can see.

These were my thoughts this afternoon as I felt the call to write.

Wishing you all a wonderful evening!



5 thoughts on “Take Care Of You!

  1. You are so right! Everyday, I get up really early and exercise. Six days a week.
    Today we stopped at the store after my sons speech lesson, I bought a foam roller, because I ache, and a bag of epsom salt! Tomorrow after my workout, I’m taking a nice hot bath!
    If I do these things for myself, I can do more for the kids and my husband. There’s more of me to give so to speak.
    Thank you for putting it in perspective.


  2. Happens to me too! I go through the laziness spells too especially when the routine gets monotonous. I get tired of doing the same things every day.


    • Yes, it is sometimes a struggle to see what blessings surround us, and to remember to be grateful for all that we have. I find it is especially difficult when sick, or when the weather is miserable.


  3. Thanks for this reminder, Tiffany. Self care is so very important and hard to do. I find that when we take care of ourselves and strive out of our spirit instead of our lower selves when we are well, then it is easier to keep up these habits when we are not feeling well, are under the weather, are having a hard time with negative thoughts. It is always a battle though, there are a million things that would derail us and all the more when we are trying to eat well, exercise, be positive. Good to know there are friends out there trying to do the same!


    • Lovely to hear from you Coco! I completely agree! For me it is easier in the spring and summer, when getting outside more and soaking up the sun to stay positive. Sending you much love!


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