It’s tough when you’re an artist and you love to create things. When you’re working on your piece of art you never know if it’s actually complete. It doesn’t ever feel complete. There’s always something more that you can add.

I finished my book and it’s about to be printed up! There are always more things I feel like I could add or subtract to it to make it even better but there comes a point when you have to just say that it’s good as is and let it out of your hands, although this can be hard to do.

When you do this you have to wonder if you made the right decision in leaving it as is when you see more potential for your work of art. You feel that you could always make changes, you can always continue to be creative with it.

Craig feels this way about his music as well. Each song he creates he always feels like he could improve upon it or change something in the beat, rhythm, mix, or even style.

Is it okay as is? It’s a question all creative artists have to ask themselves before they decide to share their project(s) with the world.

So now I wait as my book is out of my hands and I anticipate the day when I will see the copies, knowing that this is my creation; something that I put my heart and soul into and something that I worked hard at for many, many months, even years (from idea to creation) to complete.

I hope that you will enjoy using this cookbook and all of the new recipes as well! I feel like it is even better than the first cookbook even though I put a lot of work, heart, and soul into that one as well. I feel like these recipes are better, maybe just because they’re more new and exciting to me. I had a lot of fun making this book and testing the recipes while pregnant with Pheonyx and working on the actual text and layout before my belly got too giant!

SAVOR is filled with all-natural recipes, which means no tofu or fake meat recipes, and only one recipe that has soy in it out of the 60 total recipes. Live.Learn.Love.Eat. was showcasing recipes that were family-friendly, so there were a few recipes such as tofu nuggets to show that vegan recipes can be just as tasty and appealing for kids.

SAVOR is more sophisticated in style and ingredient use, although the recipes are also still very kid-friendly and appealing as well. The emphasis in both books is to show that you can eat healthy and compassionately on a budget and use ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store to feed yourself and your family. Both projects hold a special place in my heart, but come from different times of my life.

I really hope that you will enjoy trying the new recipes and sharing them with the ones that you love, as I have! ❤

*The first copies of the book will be printed with spiral binding, as that took 77% of the vote. I plan to print copies of the soft cover binding in the near future as well, so hang tight for those!

Much Love,


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