Pheonyx – 3 Months

Pheonyx is now 4 months, but here is his 3 month update!


~ Loves to have a conversation and “talks” a lot!


~ Very drooly and sucks a lot on his hand.


~ Discovered his feet and likes to play with his toes.


~ Rolling from belly to back in the beginning of the month. Rolling with effort from back to belly by the end of the third month.

~ Enjoys taking baths now. Before he used to cry in the tub.

~ Loves watching other people doing things.


~ Enjoys watching live bands on YouTube videos. He’ll likely be a musician.


~ Sleeps well at night, but wakes often to comfort nurse.

~ Doesn’t nap for very long when left alone. Likes to cuddle with mommy while napping.

~ First month going out more in town and going for walks in the winter.




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