Her, asking me another thoughtful question. The way she giggles and play acts. His little dimpled hand wrapped around my finger. The way she stares into my soul.

My children are my life. Maybe it’s my zodiac or numerology or destiny somehow, but I just couldn’t see myself having a happy life without them. If I ever reflect upon how life could’ve turned out and I hadn’t become a mom, I think I’d feel a definite emptiness. Maybe you might think I’d think differently if I hadn’t had children and wouldn’t have known any different, but I know I was born to meet these little souls and that children bring me happiness.

Autumn and I were looking through my old portfolio I made for high school and even then I wanted to be an Early Childhood Educator. I wanted to work with kids and spend my time with kids. I am happy that life played out the way it did and I was able to meet a man that would take care of me, adopt Autumn as his own, give me more beautiful children, and the opportunity to stay home with them. I am so very grateful for my children and all that they are and make me to be.

* I shaved my head again. This is the second time doing this for me. This time because I wanted my red hair back and after having it bleached and dyed the purple the only hope for it was to let it grow out or start fresh. I’ll have more to say on this in another post. 🙂

Love the above picture of Autumn and I. ❤