Pheonyx – 5 Month Update

Pheonyx is going on 6 months now, already half a year! Time to say goodbye to, and reflect upon his fifth month.

~ Rolls right away from back to tummy and can get up onto arms. Getting closer to crawling.

~ Weight, 16 lbs.

~ Introduced to solids, organic carrots, mix of strawberries, peaches, and pears, mix of broccoli, spinach, strawberry, and zucchini, baby food pouches also contain quinoa. Has been wanting to eat food and gets vocal and tries to grab at our food when he’s in his high chair.

~  Loves oat cereal with mashed banana, made with gluten free oat flour. Loves to eat! Eats one morning meal, breastfeeds throughout the day and eats his cereal and fruit at night before bed.

~ Loves bath time with momma.

~ Saying “nyah nyah” and talks a lot.

~ Loves the bath.

~ Naps once in the morning on a walk and once in the afternoon for a few hours. Goes to bed for 9 or 9:30 pm.

~ Is very tall and his legs already stick out of his car seat!

~ Is always smiley and happy! 🙂