Pheonyx 8 and 9 Months


~ Pulls himself into standing, (started at 8 months old)! He is also super fast at crawling and getting to any little bit of something he can put into his mouth!

~ Smiley and happy! 🙂

~ Still pretty bald and has no teeth yet!

~ Loves to point at people. It is so cute when he does this and something I was actually surprised he could do at this age already.

~ Loves to eat! That is why he searches the floor for crumbs of food. This boy could eat all day long.

~ Still breastfed and close to momma. Wakes up a few times a night still to comfort nurse.

~ Not a fan of car rides because that requires sitting in a chair, strapped down, when all he wants to do is crawl around and explore!

~ Growing up way too fast! Took some steps already with his little push car and will be walking before we know it!