The Root of Jealousy

The root of jealousy is a feeling of insecurity or wishing that we could be doing what the other is doing. Jealousy has nothing to do with the judgements we think that we are making on the other but has everything to do with us.

Looking deeply into jealousy, we come face to face with the fact that we could be doing what that other is doing. We realize that we are suppressing our confidence, talents, creativity or uniqueness in that certain area. We get jealous because we want to be that and we know that we could be, only we haven’t stifled our fears and limiting thoughts to the extent that the person we feel jealous towards has.

Jealousy can be a teacher. If you’re feeling jealous of someone, ask yourself, “What in them am I not expressing or allowing within myself?”

There may be many demons to face on our way to becoming fully ourselves, but living any other way, not in line with the truth and power of who we are, will always attract feelings such as jealousy, inadequacy, doubt, and self-hatred.

We will punish ourselves and let our lower ego run the show of our life if we continue to ignore the callings from our spirit and the wonderful gifts that we were bestowed upon to share with the world.

Even if others are already doing what we feel we would be bringing to the world, no one can bring the unique flair and flavor that we ourselves can bring. We are all unique and have our individual life experiences that have shaped us into who we are and have brought us to where we are and the people on our path.

Ask yourself the real and honest questions and dig deep to find your truth. Are you living in line with it or living in the darkness of untruth, walking around feeling there is no place or purpose for you? Is your life right now the right fit for you?

There is indeed a purpose for you, and only you can hear the calling of your spirit and begin to awaken to, and live in line with your truth.

Much Love,