Be Well

I see so many people around me living in fear. Lives lived as empty shells. Conglomerations of forgotten dreams, broken promises, bitterness, resentment, deception and scars etched deep upon their souls. Broken, yet pieced together with counterfeit smiles. We carry a weight, that although cumbersome, a security blanket. Our hearts and souls have become accustomed to the heaviness and it feels no burden.

We live in fear of seeing and knowing the truth of who we are, as if removing the blindfold that separates us as a thin veil from the truth of our being, we would face death itself. And perhaps we would. A death would occur, and perhaps it is well to fear it because for many it would be the death of the only way they have ever known themselves to be. A false self is better than an unknown self. It is familiar. The fear is justified.

Or is it?

Krishnamurti is quoted to have said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” We are sick in ways we don’t readily acknowledge. We go through the motions to survive as a member of this society, even if it means enslavement and a stifling of our inner man who has such high and grand visions for our lives and the lives of others. We could break free but we don’t because being an accepted member of society, even a sick society, feels safer than being an outcast and risking standing alone.

Gifts remain unused and bottled up. Talents, unexpressed. Disease (dis-ease) riddles both body and mind as we maintain our tiresome game of hide and seek with ourselves, enchanted with illusions, confined to the cookie-cutter molds manufactured for the masses. Living is easy… we convince ourselves. Inside our box-brains, we are invulnerable.

At all costs we will suffocate ourselves, prisoners to our passivity. Placid in the worst of ways.

This message is universal, yet deeply personal. Only you can know what it is speaking to you. Where are you being dishonest with yourself and living delusionally and unauthentically? When and where did you forget yourself and your dreams?

Break the mold. Be a drop cookie made of tantalising, exciting, surprising ingredients that stimulate and educate the world with your unique style and flavor. Ditch the cookie-cutter and reinvent your recipe as often as you feel inspired to.

Be well.








6 thoughts on “Be Well

    • Hi! I am doing well. 2018 was a rough year, especially the latter half. I am hoping to come back to blogging more regularly. It’s nice to know I’ve been missed and thought of! I miss writing but I’ve been unsure how to come back to it. 🙂


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