What Truly Matters

I often think and I reflect on life. I think about why I stress about things which I later look back on with a more carefree attitude and wonder why I repeat patterns, or why I continue to live my life in these stressful ways, wasting beautiful moments. I have to ask myself what truly matters.

I check in with myself often and when I ask myself this question, the answer is always the same throughout all years. What matters is what we share and what we give and how we love and who we love. Nothing else matters of what we accumulate for ourselves. All of that is nothing. In the end, it is meaningless. What really feels best and what feels like it will last on into eternity and throughout the generations that follow our individual life, is who we’ve touched and how we’ve affected others, what we have done and have poured out of ourselves and into the lives of others, in an uplifting, inspirational sense, that will matter in the end.

The possesions that we own, the money that we make, the time we spend on the games that we play in life to try to convince ourselves and others that we are somebody, that we are making a name for ourselves, ultimately none of it matters unless it touches the life of another.

Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy and I know I really don’t feel like doing that certain something for somebody else because in myself, I am selfish, when I do get around to doing those small deeds or sometimes bigger deeds, and sacrificing my time and energy to do things with and for my children or my family, or even for someone I don’t know (like writing a blog), my heart and soul come alive and I feel like I am doing something meaningful and long-lasting, something that truly matters.