Kesara turned nine on June 5th! It’s crazy how time flies on by. I remember Autumn turning nine and Kesa was just six. I also remember being pregnant and uncomfortable waiting for Kesa to come and now nine years have passed.

This year we were on antibiotics on her birthday and not feeling well, so the cake had to be postponed until mommy felt better.


Her favorite cake is chocolate, so the chocolate cake it was. I haven’t been into fancy fondant decorating for a while now, just because it is so time consuming, so I just did a plain fondant icing and let her decorate it herself with edible markers.

Autumn and Kesa have both been really into Pokemon these days (months actually), so her theme for her cake was Pokemon.


She got a Pikachu pillow, Pokemon cards, an owl plush, books, some games, a night light, and an outfit and sunglasses from Grandma.

Kesa is growing into a beautiful young lady. She is still her spunky self, who has her own mind (which is very sharp). She is observant and sees through the false in life. She is intuitive and caring. She is a lovely big sister to Pheonyx and Serafina and a fun little sister to Autumn who has been her best friend since she was born.


I feel blessed to watch you continue to grow and change before my eyes. I wish you the best year being nine.


We love you Kesa! ❤