A Prayer To Rise Above Pain

Beautiful being of infinite love and wisdom, I see your scars. Do not let the intentionally inflicted pain cast by another attach way deep beneath your skin. Let it only graze the surface and not cause weariness to your sacred soul.

Hold fast to the truth within your being and protect it mightily. Armour yourself with the knowledge of your truth. When those moments come when you feel lost and confused or beaten down once more, an “again” which feels like the last time that you’ll ever be able to take anymore, and you feel that you cannot rise from your knees, trembling from sadness, look within and see that you are not alone.

Find within now deeper vision of your heart’s peace where dwells your strength endowed by God. Focus on the light which though seemingly small at first, grows bigger until the darkness around you is consumed by this Holy Fire. Warm yourself, dear child and stay as long as you need to be able to invigorate and strengthen yourself so that you may stand, that you may arise and carry on in life, wiser, stronger and with a greater love for not only yourself and God within, but for those enemies who come and inflict the pain upon you, for they have led you to a deeper heart space.

Feel the fresh air of gratitude blow and let the breath of this gladness guide you in all of your encounters and all of your experiences upon your path, knowing that daily you go on to discover the food upon which your soul is nourished.

Having been hungry, your soul is now fed, so do not harbour hatred for those who come to hurt you but take the pain inflicted and do not let it consume you but rather strengthen you. Give thanks for the lessons, the hard lessons and harsh blows that bring you to your knees, for those are the ones that help you to rise higher and to grow stronger in faith and recognition of truth, of love and of light.