Sharing Inspiration – Creative Expression Through Music

A dear friend of mine has a passion for writing music and singing songs. I believe that she is a huge inspiration through her endeavours and her thought-provoking lyrics. Today I wanted to share two of my favorite songs of hers, Move The Stars and Real World Illusion. She describes the thought process behind the songs and shares with us a bit of her soul through her music in her own words below each of her music videos.

Move The Stars
It’s a challenge for me to explain this song in logical words. I suppose that’s why I’m a poet and not a philosopher.
This song touches vaguely on how I perceive the world, I suppose, in the context of power and control. The dream, the matrix, the illusions of daily minor details, the media stimulation, the attempted mind-programming. And prior to the technology age, the mind-programming was certainly still present, in the form of religion and social standards. I believe there is an increasing awakening of consciousness happening in this age. There is also a sudden general paranoia over the idea of organizations, individuals, government, etc, using popular culture and media to attempt to program the public mind, to convey a particular set of beliefs in an appealing manner. This is not new. This has been happening for centuries. It is certainly encouraging to see increasing numbers of people waking up to the reality that we create our own reality. However, I feel that it is almost a step backward, to view these various control mechanisms and the parties who use them, with a fear mentality, and create a “devil” out of a pretty typical human tendency: desire for control.
Humans will be humans. We can only successfully control our own actions and our own minds. The rest belongs to the universe. The stars will align when they align, the energies will wax and wane as they will, and we have no control over any of it, and neither do the humans who continue to try as they might. Fear is useless. Let go. The stars explode without any help from any group of tiny ants, on a tiny little planet, scurrying about as though they have something incredible to accomplish.
I’m certain that, according to a rational person, it would be disturbingly naïve when it comes to issues of war and politics to profess that I have a “why can’t we all just get along” mentality, but it’s true that I do. Perhaps I think like an innocent child. Perhaps I prefer it that way. If the world were run by innocent children, war would cease to exist.
Real World Illusion
This song, like many songs perhaps, is a glimpse of my thought process. As an introverted, poetic being, I relish my internal world, as much as it drives me wild at times. I believe that the imagination is as real as the physical world, for without the imagination, the spirit, and the mind, and however they all relate to one another, the physical realm would be impossible to perceive.
I woke up one Sunday morning from one of my typically ridiculous vivid dreams, and groggily pulled my daily oracle card which advised “Ground Yourself”. I had to laugh. It was raining outside, and I was in a general period of boredom in my life, and “grounding myself” was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to live inside my imagination that day, and why shouldn’t I? The imagination is an integral part of the soul, it is the part of us that allows us to create, and to create is to experience divinity. After all, the Creation is the Divine.
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