Looking For Writers/Sharing Inspiration

Hello all! I am in the midst of planning and preparing a new blog or reviving this one and I need writers!

I want this blog to be about love, spirituality, inspiration, positivity, and all of those lovely things we all desire and need a whole lot more of these days! And I want to all share in that positivity, joy and inspiration together!

Do you have a story about…

  • Angels or an angelic experience?
  • Spiritual awakening, transformation or rebirth?
  • A near death experience?
  • A beautiful story about your family or your children?
  • Your life as a mother to an autistic child or a child with a “disability” that could inspire other mothers who are feeling lost and lonely?
  • Gratitude?
  • The power of prayer?
  • The power of manifestation?
  • The power of meditation and its influence in your life?
  • Yoga?
  • The power of positivity?
  • A psychic or intuitive experience?
  • Overcoming fear?
  • Overcoming depression or a dark period in your life?
  • Overcoming addictions?
  • Healing through spirituality?
  • Healing through dietary changes?
  • Vegan health transformation?
  • Vegan spiritual health transformation or awakening?
  • Your desire to become a vegan and why and the benefits it has caused you or a family member?
  • An inspiring story of your life or how you have grown or changed during your spiritual walk?
  • An expressive piece of poetry?
  • A painting, drawing or photograph that means a lot to you that you think could inspire others?
  • A quote or list of quotes that you love?
  • A song that changed your life or that means something to you?
  • Anything else that brightens up your life and that you think would brighten up the lives of others?

We all have stories. We are all on a journey. We all have gifts and inspiration to share with others through our lives.

If you feel inspired by this post, as though it were calling to you and you feel brave enough to share something beautiful and inspiring with the world, please send me an email at tpidruchny@gmail.com or feel free to comment below and I will be happy to share your story, poem, art or other form of inspiration on my blog!

I feel like it is time we all get to know each other as human beings more intimately and share in each others lives, knowing that we are not alone and that positivity, prayer, spirituality, compassion, gratitude, health and love are so important and necessary in these times. I am looking for people with stories from all walks of faith or spirituality, no one is exempt from sharing here in my space.

The story you share will not be edited by my in any way (unless you want me to) and you can choose to remain completely anonymous in the posting or use whatever name you like. The point is solely to share inspiration and encouragement with others and shine a little light into the lives of others and in our world in any way that we can.

Much Love,


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