Finding Steiner

Today, a special guest and friend, Robert Wallace has a piece to share on his spiritual experiences with meditation and finding the work of Rudolf Steiner as an aide to his spiritual life and springboard to creating his own site,

I found Steiner while searching for content on “the Kingdom of Heaven as an assessible interdimensional reality” on YouTube or some similar line of thinking. Phil Harris, an occult YouTuber, had posted the audiobook How to Know Higher Worlds on his channel. I saw the title of the book, having never heard of it or the author, or perhaps having heard of the author knowing nothing of him.

I was briefly arrested by the title and knew that this was what I was looking for and I knew that within my first few seconds listening I would know if this was in fact exactly what I was looking for. I did listen and instantly realized the words of an initiate and thus began the next half of my life.

My realization regarding the Kingdom of Heaven as an assessable interdimensional reality was really a long time coming with many visions peppered throughout my life that I had neglected to place as belonging to that Christian landscape that I grew up hearing about, but having never formed a conceptual understanding of. Specialized knowledge about metaphysical planes called the etheric, astral and spiritual worlds, then with this book, started to be pointed out by who I would gradually realize as a great master mystic, spiritual saint, and genius of ages, Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

I found my way over to from the link in that first video description. I was floored by the names of all these books that Dale Brunsvold had recorded by Steiner. The names all spoke to the highly desired knowledge that only a true spiritual researcher could excavate from earth and cosmic consciousness/akasha.

Suffice it to say, if you have found your way to and through his writings then you know how prolific and specific are his observations and how concise are his treasures of spiritual knowledge, so it’s really no wonder that any one would become tangled in his web of light.


I always had Steiner playing in my car and wherever I was calculating at one point that I was listening to Dale’s recordings up to 80 hours a week. Playing in every environment, home, office, transport, in town, out of town, when the eyes were open.

And while I was listening to several of his books I kept How To Know Higher Worlds on repeat in my car. It was about the third time I heard Steiner say something to the effect that if you were not having these experiences it’s because you’re not doing the meditations. Which…was true. It might be relevant to add, it was in the same way (in my car at lunch) 2 weeks before that Steiner got through to me about the vegetarian diet thing, in which I went cold turkey at that moment till even today.

I had put my meditative practices on hiatus since the early morning meditation hours in my dark closet were bearing no fruit (aside of a purple cloud coming from a point and expanding over me) which in retrospect was something, but I felt like I was on a hamster wheel and didn’t feel notable development, at least what I was expecting. So, since the time I stopped meditating, I said to myself, “collect information on meditation, hear what methods are taught and what they are specifically telling me to do that is different from what I’m doing.” This, I said, so I would know what to try and modify in my next attempts, because as they say, so I felt, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.”

A week before this revelation I’m about to describe I lay in my bed one night before sleep and said to myself, “If the law of attraction could bring this vast array of relationships, experiences and things into my life why wouldn’t it work for the finding of those other dimensions?” So I create a visualization that blended my desire with reality. I saw myself walking down the sidewalk, and every few steps I would stop and lean in toward the grass and see myself seeing into another dimension, and then I would start walking again in regular reality, then stopping again to see off to the side, in my day consciousness, this other dimension, as a part of my day to daily experience.

So while I was on lunch this particular day driving to or from lunch, I heard Steiner’s audiobook reader say this thing about me not doing my meditations, I agreed, and realized what I had collected over this period of time since my last meditation efforts and that I had enough new information to reproach meditation with a chance for a different outcome.

I had a plant on my desk in my office. I had a locked door, being in the IT dept by myself, I also had the space and quiet that I could work in. I said to myself, “I am going to meditate on this plant, and I will not stop until I breakthrough, to whatever is to happen. I will stay past 5, (closing time) all night, until the morning if need be, but I’m not going anywhere till I see some meaningful result.”

5 min later- something begins happening. While gazing at the plant, trying to simultaneously recall the steps, while forgetting them at the same time and modifying an aspect of the instructions together a couple ideas to bring in the required feeling of seeing the moon coming up over the horizon, as Steiner talks about (when looking at a plant that is dying away)- which I’ll describe shortly- the blossomless orchid appeared to glow somewhat. A pall came over the room around the plant and the plant appeared to glow ever brighter. Then the plant seemed to wiggle upward. It seemed to be floating right in front of me. Shocked I stopped to return my vision to where I started. And I realized something of significance just happened, unaided by anything but thought instruction. I became very excited, but returned myself quickly to that quieted state, a keynote of the meditative mindset, and went back into the meditation, again, the room became dark around the plant while it seemed to glow, and again started floating- I could tell no difference between the first plant and this one floating even though I would learn more about this months later.

I looked and found a little booklet that I had in my office from a program that I had bought a year or more before called “The In-Between” by Eric Pepin, it had a long list of specific instructions, which I had been unable to bring into an experiential reality. But now as I followed the steps, having just come from Steiner’s fruitful instructions, I now approached it with a different attitude. And by the time I had run through the list I was back in that state- realizing I had finally figured out how to modify my conscious perception- I was monumentally thrilled. But this was just the beginning, even for that evening.

That night at home, as I was sitting next to my spouse in bed watching TV I began to do the meditation on the blossomed orchid across the room. I ran through my mental checklist and brought myself back into this state, the pall over the room, the brightness of the flower, the appearance of it floating, and the flower became as bright as the sun as the rest of the room disappeared in the darkness of the pall that emerged around everything else not being concentrated on (i.e. the flower.) I amped up my connection with explicit and heartfelt love for the plant, until it reached a crescendo with a bright flash and I found myself completely surrounded in a bright white environment, full of light and love, the light I saw, the love and bliss I felt just being there. There, a being standing before me a little bit off on a nearby horizon.

The being was humanoid looking, in an all white skin that had splotches of pink scattered about his body. The right side of his head was raised up and down slanted to the other side of his head- something I could only relate to the head of Gumby, the green clay children’s character, though more sharply and steeply declining to the other side then Gumby. His eyes open, (and yes he looked like a “he”) the being was clearly in some interior state of bliss, though his body stand before me with a gentle smile resting across his face. In amazement (and bliss) I started entertaining a small flurry of thoughts about what I was seeing and experiencing. I said, “this is incredible,” I was astonished and elated! I started to laugh, and while I was allowing myself to begin to get carried away with my thoughts about what I was observing I was pulled from the scene as mysteriously as I had been transported to it (weather I had entered it, or it had entered me or if we met somewhere in the middle I didn’t know at that time). As I came out of this state, I saw light, then the pall came back into view with the flowers glow, and the pall died down and so did the light about the flower until I was completely returned back to myself in my body, sitting on the bed. I looked to the right, and said to Neal, my spouse, “Neal, you’re not gonna believe what JUST HAPPENED.”

This was a major breakthrough, but it wasn’t the last one for the night. While Neal had no choice but to listen to me about what I had seen which I did recount in detail to him, much to his befuddlement. Somewhere around this time I realized the petals of the orchid I was looking at were white with pink splotches, as the skin of this nature spirit. That night after the lights were off I said to myself, “

If in this meditation the plant gets so bright that it makes the course opaque physical reality even disappear, what would I see in this light while in the dark. I put my focus to another plant in the corner of the room, that had no petals (which later would turn out to be an important distinction, i.e. petals vs. no petals) and over where the plant was I saw a purple cloud hovering over it. I could see a purple sparkling glitter like essence in it and something appeared to be flipping and almost spasticly flipping and flopping about within all of this. I pulled my eyelids further open in further astonishment.

I thought to myself at that point, “If I can see this in this spectrum of light when focusing meditatively on these plants, what would happen if I just hold this state of mind, this spectrum of light, and move my head and look into the darkness of my hallway.” Which I did, and would you know it, there were wafting beings of light moving to and from. Some billowing, some shadows, others light, some in weird cloud like forms, others even as human phantoms. I would later go on to see insect and marsupial type beings on the floor outlined in a colorful rotating color spectrum.

Cut to present time, it’s now been 5 years and I see these similar things most every night, or should I say every night I give myself over to it, and every day for that matter when I fall into a meditative state by either will or absent mindedness- which turns out to be another awareness. The beings, experiences and the effects of thought as I perceive them in this state never cease to amaze me even though I have to maintain a still inner feeling state.


From this initial experience every night and day brought about new revelations, new visions of spirits, and eventually the elemental air beings became an easy sight to hone in on. I was frequently afraid of what I was surrounded by, because of my lack of education on the matter and a lack of understanding about my relationship to these beings, my relationship to them, etc. I believe I had prematurely gained a spiritual sight based on how I applied the steps, which means that a lot of what I am coming to understand about my experiences are things that I would know already if I had followed the steps as prescribed by Steiner to the “T”.

The Techniques

Sometime before I came to Steiner I had tried various meditative techniques, to no avail. Not that the techniques from other masters don’t work, but I wasn’t ready for them, as they were taught. Watch the breath, be still, feel your body weight, rhythmic breathing, etc. Not that Steiner doesn’t advocate for these basic methods at one time and or way or another, but the plant meditation in How to Know Higher Worlds brought it to life and the results gave a new meaning to the other steps that on their own didn’t create the desired results I was aiming for.

The Teachings

Based on these experiences I would later learn from Steiner that the being that I saw in the orchid was the offspring of the 3rd higher hierarchy and that the being was in fact in an interior state of joy in a higher spiritual plane.

I would learn there are purple clouds over all plants and that they act to pull plants up, so plants aren’t pushing themselves up but are being pulled.

I learned the plane I am looking into is the ether where astral beings swim, stream and flow about.

I have heard Steiner describe something similar as being part of an elementary state of clairvoyance and that state is proliferated with Ahrimanic beings. And have heard him speak of the soul forces that manifest themselves from our desires, cast off as independent beings.

Further development

Currently I am copying How To Know Higher Worlds by hand to weave it into my etheric body for further development. I also listen to recordings daily.

Rev. Robert Wallace B. Msc. is an IT professional and spiritual seeker researching the Kingdom of Heaven as an assessible interdimensional reality. He hosts the podcast “Spiritual Realities” found at and