A Light Unto Others


She used to dance naked in the rain. Long hair flowing down. Bare feet kissing the earth.

No fear. No shame. She was who she was and she wasn’t afraid of it. Wild and free, no one could tame her.

The earth was her home but the heavens were her dwelling place. She was connected to her source and her source was her power.

She never knew to be ashamed to dance solely to the beat of her own heart. Connected, she knew no other rhythm and no other way to be.

Then she met them.

They rejected her. They made her aware of her nakedness. They stole away her heartbeat and condemned her for not being as they were, clothed, clean cut, musicless, motionless, tame.

Gazing at who she was from this new projection from others, a feeling of shame sparked in her heart. Embarrassment of her being ensouled her, a veil was erected, and she could no longer hear the music. She no longer remembered how to dance and her source was forgotten to her.

Leaving her ways behind to be what they wanted her to, she convinced herself she was happy. She told herself this was who she was meant to be and what life was supposed to be.

Years passed, and each time she caught a glimmer of insight into her being, a remembrance of who she really was, fear consumed her. This new being at war with the old. Day by day, consuming her. Day by day, bringing death to her true self.

She went on with her life, possessed and asleep. She played the game of life as she was told it was meant to be played.

Then, one day, the music began to return. She felt her heartbeat as a strong pain in her chest. Denying it for so long had nearly brought her to death so many times.

It was the pain that awakened her once again, flooding back a million and one memories of times she had tried so hard to forget. The darkness the only thing that made her recognize the light.

At first as if through a thick mist she saw it. Her source was beckoning her home. Her heartbeat growing louder and stronger within.

She saw and she heard, but she was still afraid. Afraid to die to this self and afraid to leave the others behind. She didn’t want to go if she couldn’t take them with her and the pain of that was agonizing.

Gazing through the mist to the light she then closed her eyes to feel. Breathing in and out, she remembered her home, feeling embraced by the beings that longed for her return.

She removed her shoes and took down her hair once more, crossing the veil. The death that came to her sleeping self was swift and sudden and she realized that all her fears for all of these years were invalid.

Returning to source she knew no fear. Feeling the rain on her skin washed that all away.

Here and now, standing in the light, dancing to the beat of her heart, home at last, she became a light unto others.