25 Week Pregnancy Update and Favorite Prenatal Workout DVDs

Today I thought I would take a post to update you all on the pregnancy so far. I am now 25 weeks along! That means I am about to enter my 6th month soon. Baby is doing very well and I am ever-expanding too. I don’t have a belly pic yet, but here is an idea of what is going on inside of me right now.

That baby is sure getting big! Measuring about 13 1/2 inches and weighing 1.5 pounds. I can tell that baby is getting bigger because I don’t have much room to put food in my stomach anymore and am not as hungry as I was in the first few months. If you want to see something really interesting check out this link. It is really amazing how our bodies make room for baby and that becomes priority. We literally get completely pushed aside once baby comes.

I am also finally feeling terrific! Honestly, the pregnancy has been very good, it was the long winter more than anything that was making me feel so terrible. I am now in my second trimester and am feeling a major boost in energy. My house is clean all the time and I have found the energy to exercise and even write a blog everyday, in between taking care of my little girls and cooking delicious meals.

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite prenatal workout videos.

Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga

I love, love, love this yoga. I read in many online reviews that not many women liked it because they found it too boring and not intense enough workout-wise. It is mostly meditation, stretching and relaxing, but that is why I love it so much. This video really makes me feel good. I find that I need a good stretch since my joints are not feeling so sore and I also need the time to calm my mind each day in the meditation and take some time to think of the miracle that is going on in my body right now. It really is amazing when you stop and think about it. If you feel the same you will love it too!

Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout

This workout is actually a workout. You will feel it the next day (or two) for sure. The DVD is divided into 3 sections for each trimester and within each trimester you have the option of doing a 50 minute full workout or a 30 minute express workout. All you need is a resistance band and some pillows. She does everything from squats, lunge, triceps, biceps and back rows to abs (Yes, I said abs).  I love this workout because it is great for giving an energy boost for the day. I like to do it is the morning after breakfast so get that energy boost right away. I wish I would have got this DVD sooner!

The other form of exercise I highly recommend for pregnant ladies is WALKING! If you don’t feel like working out or are not a yoga fan, you can always walk, even for just 15-20 minutes/day. It feels so great to get fresh air and sunshine anytime, but it is especially great when you are pregnant and full of hormones. Walking will help clear your mind, give you energy, reduce stress and prepare your body for the labor and delivery. It is the safest form of exercise for pregnant women and is something that you can do all throughout your nine months.

So that is where I am at. I also want to do another post soon about what I am eating these days to keep babe and me healthy and happy, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Hope that you have a fabulous day! 🙂