All The Leaves Are Gone and We’re All Still Sick


I’ve been putting off posting for a while because I’ve still been very sick. I am still sick today, but feeling like there is a light at the end of this dark sickness tunnel. For me anyway, Craig is now very sick and not getting out of bed much. 😦







Even though I am sick, I still enjoy our walks together. I think that nature and fresh air is so healing, if not physically, than spiritually and soulfully so. It is especially nice to go wandering through the “woods” and enjoy the beauty and stillness there. The trees have pretty much all lost their leaves now, even though it is not especially cold, it feels like fall. Last week while walking with Kesa there were still a few leaves clinging on.





Our respite worker has come a handful of times in the past few weeks and so it has been nice to get away for a little while with just Autumn and Kesa. We took a walk and then went down to the river and read some Anne of Windy Poplars (book 4).


Serafina has been enjoying flipping through books a lot these days. She also adores her swing again. Sometimes she ceases to be her active, curious monkey self and decides she wants to sit and cuddle with me, which I love.



(Serafina’s bedroom door)


(Climbing on the dresser)

The other day she wanted to wear four sleepers. That is her thing these days, wearing a lot of clothes at once. Everything except her jacket, hat and mitts of course!


I made two vegan gluten-free cookie recipes using brown rice flour, one oatmeal peanut butter and one chocolate chip. Both are sweetened with maple syrup. Autumn really loves the chocolate chip one and I tortured her by making her wait to finish them off until I had taken a picture so that I could share the recipe. I plan to share both recipes in my next post.


I think that they both turned out really well! Nice and soft and delicious! The perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture. At the time I was craving peanut butter, so the peanut butter ones won my vote.


Autumn turned eleven years old on the 10th of October! That’s right, 11! I was so sick during her birthday weekend and I put off making a cake. Finally, earlier this week I broke down and bought her an ice cream cake from our grocery store. I couldn’t not have her have a birthday cake. The girls really enjoyed it, but something so sugary is not really my cup of tea.


The girls have been really good while I’ve been sick. Autumn has been working on independently studying and summarizing Norse Mythology and Kesa always finds something to do. One night they spent quietly knitting.





And soup is something we are eating a lot of so far this fall. I want to also share this fall vegetable soup recipe that I came up with using whatever we had on hand one afternoon on the blog soon.


Hope that you are all keeping well! I would love to hear from you!