Petition For Peace

A lot of people, when “hippie-dippy” people talk about energy or spirituality, roll their eyes. But energy to me is something as real as anything that I can see and touch. Energy is always around us. We are emitting energy with our thoughts and our feelings all of the time. There are certain energies to different items that we possess, depending on who touched it and who created it, all things carry a certain energy. There are different energies in different locations of the world. Even in different towns and cities. Energy is a very real thing and even people who don’t want to acknowledge energy would have to admit that they can sense a difference between an angry person entering a room or a calm person entering a room. They could sense a difference between being in a war zone and being in an open, grassy, green meadow with flowers all about.

Some people call it energy, others call it vibration, or it can be called both. The energy is what affects the vibration. The energy is something that you can sense. It is not necessarily good or bad, it just is unique to whatever it is. Each individual human being has a particular energy about them that only they possess. But character traits such as kindness or calmness, or more of the less than positive traits, say anxious or frustrated energies can also be possessed or emitted by people at different times. We are not perfect beings. Our energy will never be 100% loving and pure, although that is our aim. It is what we are working toward.

I feel like I have always been sensitive to energy since I was a little girl. It was lucky for me that I grew up on a lake. I love water and I will always love water. I love swimming! I love being in and near the water and have always felt that energy attune me to spiritual sensitivities. We also grew up out of town and where we lived in the development there weren’t very many houses at the time. Ours was one of the first ones built there on the lake. In a sense, I lived a country life. We didn’t have animals or a farm but it was more country than living in the town. And even the town was more country than people who live in the city.

As I grew older, I started to be more sensitive to reading energy. Reading energy is kind of really just using your intuition. Our intuition is with us all the time sending us messages and helping to guide us to the right thing at the right time. I don’t believe that anything is always bad or always good–well in terms of specific diets or ways of eating or living or the things that we take in by a media. I think that our intuition guides us at the right time to what is appropriate and what will benefit us for that moment. Sometimes eating a giant ice cream is just the right thing to do even though many people would just say that ice cream is always bad for you no matter what. We cannot all follow a specific path, a specific diet, a specific religion. We all have to find out for ourselves, for our individual selves, what is right for each of us.

Even regarding diet, some people actually need the energy from meat. Coming from somebody like me who strives to eat a mostly vegan diet, that may sound horrible to other vegetarians or vegans, but it’s true. People that are working heavy duty jobs that require a lot of manual labor often times do you need to take animal products to help keep them grounded. Or people who don’t want to live a lifestyle that includes yoga and meditation or spending much time contemplating deeper, or more spiritual things do better to just eat a normal, standard, mixed diet of animal and plant foods.

Religion is something that I’ve always felt to be very dividing. When I was a little girl growing up Christian I loved all the things about Jesus and God–all of the loving things that is. To hear of God as being an angry, vengeful, jealous or something to be feared and afraid of never felt right to me. It also never felt right to me to think of myself as a Christian and other people as different than me. Like I was somehow better than they are. I feel like religion can do this, especially this version of Christianity that many people follow. It is very often tainted with egotism.

The division of so many people in the world is a hard thing on my heart. When I read comments on YouTube videos that are nothing but judgemental and reek of egotism, it makes me feel sad for people who really believe that they are against other people based on a belief that they have. Religion and spirituality can become a very deep ego trap that can lead one to become totally unconscious of their thoughts and actions, as though they are possessed by lower energies. And this is what actually happens energetically. When we let the fear overtake us, and the pride, lower energies are able to come in and deceive us and divide us.

To me, God and holy spirit, Jesus and all of the other founders of the religions are about love and unity. They are about peace. They are not about division and judgment. It doesn’t matter to me what religion you follow, it doesn’t matter to me what you believe, or what you eat, I just want to be able to live peaceably with my fellow human beings and leave a legacy of love on this planet.

I feel that at our core, we are all very similar. I don’t want to say that we are the same, because I believe that each of us has a unique and individual soul that is meant to make manifest something on this earth that only we each individually can bring but on a spiritual level there are truths within each of us that we hold in common.

I feel like following a crowd or a mass consciousness is missing the point. I feel like trying to fit into a certain way of being, whether it is with a diet or spiritual belief or path, or even in the way we dress or our mannerisms, these are to be unique unto us. Our thoughts as well, and the choices that we make, don’t have to make sense to anybody else, as long as they are in line with the truth of our spirit and our intuition and are not hurting anybody else.

Too often we are judged or we judge others for not living things according to what our intuition is telling US. This is such a falsity. We do not need to use OUR intuition as a guide against which to measure others. This is not what it is meant for! It is it a gift that is given for our personal self-enhancement and human development. When we take that outside of ourselves and believe that what we are doing is what everybody should be doing, then we fall into error. It is quite a tragedy to see this happen to people and it happens all the time.

I believe that we could live peaceably if we understood this. It is my hope that we could anyway. If we could take time out of our day to find some moment(s) to reflect and meditate and to go inside and see what we are guided to do and to understand our unique individuality, to meet with our own soul to find God/divine within ourselves, there would be no need to judge other people or to be afraid anymore. And it’s a process. We don’t overnight just understand everything and become magically perfected. It takes daily devotion to constantly work at yourself and choose to not be judgemental of ourselves or others, to be angry, to worry, to be afraid. It takes effort to undo all the untruths that we’ve been fed through religious organizations or educational systems (many of which were meaning well and teaching what they thought was the right and good thing) that have stamped out a part of our souls.

Those that have taught us to not listen to our intuition and inner guidance. People from the time that we were little children who told us that what we were doing was wrong and that there was only one certain way to do that certain things. We’ve been conditioned and it is up to us to go inside and figure out what those conditions are that are causing separation between us and our fellow men. The conditioning that is causing separation between us and our higher selves and our intuition.

These are some of my thoughts after taking a weekend-long course on Holy Fire Reiki 1 and 2. I had a wonderful experience with this Holy Fire Reiki class. I love my teacher, she is amazing. I also loved being with the other women in the class and just sharing our thoughts and practicing Reiki on each other. Being around these women made me realize that I am not like them. We are all so unique and so different, but we can have things in common. What we had in common was wanting to better ourselves, to understand energy, and to help the world. Even if that is just by helping ourselves. I looked upon each of these women with complete and utter love. People who were not me and who I wasn’t expecting to be just like me.

Working on ourselves is not a selfish act. To try to be perfect can become a trap but to want to become a better human being for the sake of humanity and to bring valuable, much-needed energy to the world, I see as a duty. We aren’t here to just feed our egos and take whatever we can, believing that we are here to just feed only our ego self. We are here to learn and to grow spiritually through every circumstance and every person that we meet. We are here to experience the duality of the mind and the soul. To understand energy, light and dark. To find that middle path. Not becoming over-religious or ultra-spiritual and disconnected from humanity but also not to become too hardened in our ego selves and only to care for pleasures that satisfy our physical and psychological needs.

Within us there is a yearning deep down that calls for something more. When we become trapped in a religious mindset (and when I say religion I mean believing that your way is the only way), we become divided from others. It can happen to anybody on any path. And I’ve seen it happen so many times with vegans and vegetarians who think that they are doing loving, peaceful acts of kindness and helping the world by being vegan and stopping the violence from entering their plates and their bodies and their beings, only to become malicious to their fellow human beings who aren’t following the path that they have chosen. They judge others on what is on their plate and they forget about the real human being that they are and others are as well. In attempting to be unselfish and ultra-kind and loving to animals, they forget about humans and actually become more disconnected from humanity, sending out negative energy in another way. A way that they are often blind to.

I don’t like to say that we are all one because I do believe that we are each individual, but I do believe that we are one in the fact that we are having this human experience together. We can understand each other on a soul level by way of our emotional and spiritual experiences, talking about energy and the way that we feel and understand things to be, our perceptions and our ability to self-reflect.

I’m not sure if this post has much of a definite, climactic point to it, it is more of a combination of thoughts that are coming through me to relay a message of love and peace. A fellow human being, compassion-in-action type of post. To just remind everybody that energy is real and that we can control what energy we want to enter us and what energy we want to emit from our being. It’s a beautiful and enlightening thing to realize that we do hold that control.

We can choose to be happy, grateful,  positive, loving and accepting, or we can choose to be unhappy, anxious, miserable, negative and ungrateful for everything that enters our path. We can choose to become conscious of why things happen and understand that there’s a higher reason for everything and read that energy that exists and is here to teach us, or we can ignore the fact that energy exist and call it all crazy and instead just go through life believing that things are happening to us, completely out of our control.

When we do the latter, we are emitting a negative energy that not only affects our lives, but the people that we come into contact with. If those people are conscious of energy, they may be able to protect themselves from picking up on it, but often times people aren’t aware of what is happening in the energetic field and they are picking up on that negativity or untruth. In a cosmic sense, we are surrounded by both positive and negative energy. And this is not to say that we have to try to be perfect and never let angry, unhappy, or ungrateful feelings arise in us but we can also choose how to acknowledge those thoughts and feelings and to what degree they take hold of us. We can choose to just let them go and to not share them with others or to emit them into the atmosphere.

So I hope that wherever you are in the world, reading this right now, that you will have taken something from this writing. That you will understand also that it is not selfish to work on yourself and that the world needs you. We need each other to consciously and collectively choose each day how we are going to live in a way that promotes truth, love, peace and unity.

We need to recognize when our egos are getting in the way of that natural spirit-bestowed gift to be happy and loving and just at total peace with every situation, even if to us a situation or person seems like a negative thing. There’s always a higher reason for everything that is happening. And a lot of times a “negative” is just here to wake us up, to call us to make a change. If we are sensitive and open enough to see that, then we will make changes.

May you be blessed on your path this day and find peace in your heart and your mind and your soul. May you trust in the intuitive knowledge of your spirit to guide you to what is the right thing for you on this stage of your journey. And may you have the higher insight to realize that your brothers and sisters are not yourself and that you are not the God over them who judges and decides what is best for their lives.

May you let your brothers and sisters live peaceably and follow their own path. May you consciously work on reading the energy in yourself and your life, and in so doing that, cause a change to occur and ripple out and affect many others who you encounter (or never encounter) in your life.

Much Love,