Spring & Sickness


His first time sitting in the green grass! 

It feels like spring is finally arriving for us. We all just finished up with sickness around here. I had strep throat and then a cold which all the girls had. Thankfully, Pheonyx hasn’t gotten really sick.

Today I found out that I have strep throat AGAIN! I ended up going to the ER because I just knew I was getting it last night before bed. For some reason I’ve always been very susceptible to it.

Sickness is just something I hate. I hate having to go on antibiotics. I wish that my health was just decent for a month straight. I always seem to catch colds and things so easily the past few years. It’s frustrating because I always strive to stay healthy with my eating, exercising, sleeping as best I can, keeping positive thoughts, and daily journaling.

Before I caught this strep throat I was just beginning to feel that springtime motivation to get cleaning up the house and start spending more time outside and getting into new homeschooling units. For now I am going to take these antibiotics and rest so that this strep will finally leave me be and that motivation can return.

I appreciate any positive and healing prayers and thoughts being sent our way. This momma needs to get better so she can take good care of her clan.

Also, if you have any insight or know of any natural remedies or things I could do that maybe I’m not thinking of, and/or could help other readers, please leave a comment below!

Much Love!